Accused 'Slender Man' Attacker Judged Mentally Unfit for Trial

Morgan Geyser, 12, is set to move to a mental health facility after allegedly stabbing her friend.
4:17 | 08/02/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Accused 'Slender Man' Attacker Judged Mentally Unfit for Trial
Moving on now to a big new development in a strange and bizarre case of two preteen girls accused of luring a friend into the woods and trying to kill her. Stabbing her 19 times, in fact, all apparently to show their dedication to a fictional online horror character named slenderman and ABC's Linzie Janis is here with the latest. Linzie, good morning. A judge ruled one of the two being charged with first degree intentional homicide is not competent to stand trial. His ruling based on the testimony of two mental health expert who's valuated her. This morning, 12-year-old Morgan geyser is set to move to a mental health facility after a Wisconsin judge found she isn't mentally fit to defend attempted murder charges. Geyser Anissa Weier in court being charged as adults Friday. The two accused of stabbing a friend 19 times in order to please a fictional online character known as slenderman. Two mental health experts saying they believe geyser's incompete incompetent. One doctor said she says she speaks with voldemort from harry potter. She was not hysterical in anything that would be relevant. He believes geyser is unable to help her attorneys in her defense. She doesn't really care what happens to her prison sentence because of this power she believes she has with vulcan mind control. She will return to court for a competency hearing in November. Not sure if things will change in 90 days. Even under extreme therapy and providing drugs to her. Within a year you can see a dramatic developmental change in somebody who's deemed incompetent. Reporter: Neither girl has entered a plea. Their victim whose identity is protected is now recovering at home after surviving the attack. The family and this little girl have such a strong, positive disposition, they believe every day is better than the last. Reporter: A judge refused to turn over hard copies of geyser's mental health evaluation to Anissa Weier's attorneys. So far we're attorneys have not raised the issue of her competence to stand trial. Both girls' legal teams are trying to move from adult to juvenile court. If convicted as adults they could face up to 60 years or more. And in a juvenile court about 25. Till they're about 25 years old. Such a disturbing story. Let's bring in criminal defense attorney, Ada Posa. Talk to us about the difference about not being mentally competent and insane. Mentally incompetent means at this point she is unable to assist in her defense and unable to act appropriately in court. She is unable to understand the severity of the charges against her. What happen is a judge committed Herrera and now trying to restore her to competency so they'll re-evaluate her every three months to see if she understand the severity of the charges and assist in her defense. And at that point if she is restored to competency she'll come back to court and face the charges and that's where we'll see the judge saying -- the defense attorney saying, okay, now she's competent but she wasn't guilty at the time for reason of insanity. The defense, what they're hoping for and something else, she'll be charged as a juvenile and not as an adult. What's the likelihood of that. I think it's very unlikely. In Wisconsin the law is if you are 10 years old or over and charged with a crime that serious as attempted first degree murder in this case you're automatically considered to be an adult as far as the courts are earn canned meaning your original jurisdiction is in the adult court. These defense lawyers have to convince this judge that not only is she not going to be able to get the treatment she needs in juvenile court but that sending her back to juvenile court would not in any way diminish the severity of these charges and by sending her there it will serve as a deterrent to others in the same situation. Given the severe weather of these charges and 19 times this little girl was stabbed and it was a friend and all the other horrendous facts I highly doubt the judge will do sdma. Gruesome story and uphill battle for the defense. Great to have you come in. Thank you so much.

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{"id":24818908,"title":"Accused 'Slender Man' Attacker Judged Mentally Unfit for Trial","duration":"4:17","description":"Morgan Geyser, 12, is set to move to a mental health facility after allegedly stabbing her friend.","url":"/GMA/video/wisconsin-slender-man-stabbing-accused-attacker-judged-mentally-24818908","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}