Prepare to Be Amazed With Magic on 'GMA LIVE!'

Kevin James and Adam Trent wow Ryan Smith and Ginger Zee with some amazing tricks.
4:18 | 07/02/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Prepare to Be Amazed With Magic on 'GMA LIVE!'
Isn't magic -- brought this thank you your -- Solid he's not Kevin James earlier in the -- in the snow and now we have Adam here from the upcoming fall Broadway hit the illusionist and -- Italian name again -- for amnesty and possible witness the impossible and I I know you're my and other -- -- to believe it. Yes the -- broadly reference check -- can't tell you got me -- good at it and I'm in -- early you have something nice do I. I actually in a constant effort to speed -- for -- will be perfect and I figured something direct -- you guys so -- -- we have here. I have -- card -- what some of our favorite GMA host we have ginger. David -- would be excellent in saying hello ain't it wonderful -- -- hello there and even -- yeah. Man that's how magical Helm and let it happen any what you want you just go ahead and say stop. We're view we are out let's the Fed again -- -- tape. I -- -- right there I've been Catholic wouldn't you think we want we -- -- -- -- -- the camera is is. Gender. Howell -- and -- it does happen register at any point but if you -- in any emotion. Out of love. The happy what. Believe that -- look here's the deal and I think what you want Clinton -- points -- -- you go ahead and just say stop. Stop right there are we sure -- wristwatch. -- an outbreak there. Right there -- what this -- -- the center of kidnapping kidnapping watch the legal it's ready and it shows that only show. We -- we chose love and the regional and yet again particularly with ready -- -- and. And you didn't -- -- and Goldman and sorry everybody else. Oh. Yeah yeah yeah Arabic now a lot of people have been tense news coming up. Yeah yeah -- well. Did you do you know. -- like that and and help us over the -- a -- -- -- -- in the first -- I got a book when I was nine years old on magic I started doing it. And I never stopped it was one of those things and then I was -- do -- never thought would happen like this but here we are going to probably starting line in November. Bowman -- Leonard Townsend man will never let him hang in the back in because I'm Lance sir do you believe -- you coming in -- -- -- you're yeah -- the pattern we don't -- giving happening and what haven't we saw you we need to hear from them may soon you've found love with magic literally ages 1210 -- and pop. Seems like half tell me how to -- the Catholic -- -- -- to look at -- reflects -- it's -- they -- out of the rose -- earlier Allan and Natalie just you know a lot of people. Thank you very fast has to do magic and it's just not true you know the best magic is slow and deliberate with your sleeves rolled up so. Just -- according to the little squeeze and it. Follow -- news now watching for you folks both sides existing. Give another little squeeze. Comes right. Back. I have seen up close not abruptly its insurance going to be even bigger -- -- yeah. Right what are we expect from the -- -- man who did everything it actually seven of us into the summer of specialty so with the future as we have community event early warrior we have. All they ever what are the real special -- of each of -- appellate. -- like a gang of magicians easier to assault your bags now magic -- -- -- -- now. -- -- -- -- You all get together. We were actually found my producer who knives or the world brought together and there's two different shows and they -- combine the two shows in the one and it's happening. And I just need one magic trick for all the single guys up how did you make that origami turned into -- rose. And the men out there wondering how can -- with the latest good questions are. You can see it end like tickets are on sale now. You start in November although I'm Betty -- the live dot com. Yeah I never know whether it's like to work he does it as witness the impossible all its --

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{"id":24395899,"title":"Prepare to Be Amazed With Magic on 'GMA LIVE!'","duration":"4:18","description":"Kevin James and Adam Trent wow Ryan Smith and Ginger Zee with some amazing tricks.","url":"/GMA/video/witness-impossible-stars-stop-gma-live-24395899","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}