Wives Shame Husbands' Alleged Mistresses on Revenge Website

'Other women' humiliated by posts on ShesAHomewrecker.com.
8:48 | 11/08/13

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Transcript for Wives Shame Husbands' Alleged Mistresses on Revenge Website
I really really am. About it I really care -- -- -- tears and apologies were not enough for the woman who claims Dana almost ruined her marriage by having a year and a half affair with her husband. If they can't handle humiliation of all of this thing he shouldn't have slept with someone else's. Insults derogatory names even death wishes I hope you end up with eighteen and -- All posted online about Dana on the web site that you just like considered 2013. -- answer to the scarlet letter. I looked at last night the first time in months. And just started bawling my eyes out. If hell hath no fury like a woman scorned the social media -- has invented all whole new way to fan the flames. But it's called she's home record dot com and three years after she says her affair with a married man ended. Honey nine year old Dana Scott found her name and location plastered on the -- the. I remember thinking. OK he's married but he's trying to flirt and at some point eight. He tried to kiss me that's when. He told -- he is actually you know separate it. And they were talking divorce -- -- think he was gonna leave her for you that is what he tell -- But he didn't -- and now his wife and hundreds of others in the same boat. Are able to seek revenge on line. -- -- -- of from ABC's mistresses. Than just the horns but with your husband's use credit not me to the adulterous romance on scandal. Even have tickets to -- -- it to continue he has -- bankable. -- -- The other woman is having a major on screen moment and for those in real life who live by the creed read -- -- a dish best served cold. This is your punishment. -- -- crime to the time this is the woman behind she's a home record dot com. She goes by the alias area Ella Alexander. She says it's a place for wives and girlfriends to publicly -- the other woman for sleeping with their husband. It can folly if the -- you realize if you appear up uncle failure and me. Everyone now knows what you've done and of one woman maybe we'll think that way. I don't want a part of that us. This site which has more than a quarter of a million lights on FaceBook posts the names pictures and often torrid details about teens accused homemakers. And their alleged adulterous ways -- home record is a new twist on the booming trend of online revenge. What a barrage web sites that -- jilted lovers or angry exes to humiliate their former -- from the comfort of their home. It was us a -- from -- events. Two -- nine year old -- -- Sanchez says she found solace on the site after she says she discovered her husband of nearly eight years was cheating. And this came completely out of left field area. Yes the setback I was in shock. Careless seven months pregnant while pregnant with his third baby she says her husband told her he wanted a divorce I checked the cellphone bill -- Sure -- there -- pages upon pages at this point number. And I called it and and that's when she answered. No when he was so upset. She decided to take revenge. Posting personal deet tails and photos of a woman she says stole her husband. She AKA the alleged home wrecker is now married to know -- ex husband has a three month old baby with him. -- one year younger than know when -- youngest son. It does hurt women he met EB. Because he's never gonna don't -- me that my other two. Why go on to this website singling her out it really isn't -- your husband has the loyalty to use it to be faithful. Right and NC it was all her. I said it was also him. You're willing to forgive him yes silently willing to forgive her. I just -- -- -- shouldn't mess that the married me and you know they're taking somebody's. Father away somebody's husband. -- has gotten a flurry of media attention in the past couple -- weeks some calling it slut shaming pitting women against women. -- -- -- -- Differently -- had trash means label in the face because of women a lot of women so much and -- it -- -- with other women husbands at the end of the day it's about respect. As a woman I am not going to sleep with somebody else's husband I am not going to flirt with somebody else's husband I'm not going -- Bob myself and somebody else's marriage why would I do that. But for those like Dana Scott who find themselves humiliated. On -- she says the punishment doesn't fit the crime you think he loved -- Now I don't. I thought -- -- about a year into the affairs Dina got pregnant with his baby -- happy. -- as happy as I've always wanted to -- you know I wasn't happy about the situation and circumstances. Was he happy. Yes -- And so at this point your. Really certain that you he's gonna leave his wife and be with you -- and what makes it finally end. -- -- I think he's not only her so I actually called ends. I just told her everything and I apologized to crying you know she was very -- I was -- hysterical because I felt so guilty. And has never thought about. Her -- lingering. And being pregnant -- realized. What was going and when I was doing and that. I was -- proud I wasn't happy. -- -- -- had the baby while he stayed with his wife and since then she says she's been harassed by his wife for years. Then three months ago -- culminated with this. Coast to what is the web sites say that I'm home wrecker. I'm a poor. Were colorful language could fit I don't wanna repeat -- your home record now I'm not a -- record he is a home wrecker. The home was -- wrecked before I was every minute -- -- began receiving vicious messages online many from strangers. Strangers. Are the worst they are White -- OC should die kill her calling my -- -- bastard. When they don't even have any idea about what's going on but what I don't understand is why I'm eating all the board of this. When he was the one he's blaming her he's the one who made about her under -- I want to move on my life. -- is about to finish nursing school and now fears a web site will hurt her chances at a good job. Good marks but to think about future employer -- willing reading all of those comments that website. Seeing all of those things who would want to hire. But surprisingly -- a home -- dot com isn't breaking any laws because the web site is -- actually posting the accusations. As -- now it's perfectly legal. This top I get threats of lawsuits every single day I have attorneys -- -- I have people threatening to sue me people threatening to put me and Jay out. -- for her to create submarine then as a web -- hit teach women a lesson does she thinks he -- I mean. That's not your job that's not your job to judge -- that make fun of Dinkins former lover and his wife declined comment when contacted by ABC news know -- Sanchez says she doesn't plan on taking her home wrecker -- down any time soon. I would like for her to say -- -- I came between the eyes I'm sorry it happened and that's that that's all I want is an apology. You know because she knows what she did. When contacted by ABC news no -- ex husband and his now wife said the web site is based off opinion. They -- he -- no when he were separated at the time they got together and they are tired of all the harassment. So if there watching is there a message I guess to him to step up and your father -- -- to her. Be careful because there's workers out there for Nightline I'm Lindsey Davis Fort Hood Texas.

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{"id":20827696,"title":"Wives Shame Husbands' Alleged Mistresses on Revenge Website","duration":"8:48","description":"'Other women' humiliated by posts on ShesAHomewrecker.com.","url":"/GMA/video/wives-shame-husbands-alleged-mistresses-revenge-website-20827696","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}