Woman Charged With Murder After Crash That Killed Twin

A 37-year-old Maui woman is in court after plunging an SUV off a 200-foot cliff with her twin sister in the passenger seat.
6:46 | 06/08/16

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Transcript for Woman Charged With Murder After Crash That Killed Twin
we want to get to that busy mystery in maui. A woman charged with killing her identify twin after driving an SUV off a 100-foot cliff and survived the crash but her sister did not and ABC's kayna Whitworth has the latest and joins us from Los Angeles. Good morning, kayna. Reporter: Robin, good morning to you. Authorities saying this terrible accident was no accident at all. Witnesses telling us that right before the crash, they could see the twins fighting in the car. Now, one is getting ready to see a judge while the other is laid to rest. This morning, tragedy separating these identical twin yogis, the one sister killed in a terrifying crash in maui, the other accused of her murder. Authorities say Alexandria Duval intent intentionally raced her SUV into a wall along the famous road to Hanna known for distracting beauty and blame cliffs crashing and plugging 200 feet to the rocky shoreline below killing her sister anastasia in the passenger seat. Alexandria pulled to safety by rescuers suffering minor injuries and her lawyer telling ABC news this was an accident. She did not intend to harm the person she was closest to in this world or herself. Reporter: But witnesses say they saw the sisters fighting violently in the vehicle right before the crash. I could see a pair of hands yanking on the driver's head just her head was going like this and she was angry, you know, arguing with the person whoever was yanking on her head and then she was just in a rage. Reporter: Police arresting Alexandria charging her with second degree murder. After recovering evidence from the vehicle they say proves there was a hard acceleration and no attempts of braking. The twin sisters once considered best friends had run two failed yoga studio, one in west palm beach aptly named twin power yoga. We love the energy. West palm beach is the heartbeat. Power the body and the soul. What you get. Reporter: Before move you to maui to start anew. The sisters were exceptionally close, even by identical twin standards they had a business together. They lived together. They did everything together. Reporter: Now investigators searching for an explanation for the accident that separated the incomparable sisters. Alexandria arrested Friday when authorities believe she was trying to three the islands. She was booked and held without bail and has a preliminary hearing today. Robin. Kayna, thank you. Joining us now Nancy grace, the host of "Nancy grace" on HLN and in the studio legal analyst Dan Abrams. Prosecutors are alleging intentional conduct charging her with second degree murder. How strong is their case based on what we know. I read through the police report and I think this is a really tough case when it comes to second degree murder. The allegation that they were fighting, right and that she then accelerates the brakes. The theory it was a murder suicide. This is a car that goes off the edge of a cliff. She's in it also. It's not like she got out of the car. So she's going to risk her own life to try to kill her sister. I guess that's possible. But it would seem to me this is much more likely a sort of ma manslaughter case than intentional murder case. What do you think, Nancy, about the prosecution's case. Well, first of all that's why they call it murder/suicide. That's the whale point here. There in that jurisdiction as in many jurisdictions, second degree murder is knowingly and intentionally causing the death of another, whether she meant to take herself off the cliff went all Thelma and Louise is besides the point. The fact she took her sister over the cliff. She had on a seat belt. There is evidence her sister did not have on a seat belt. She ends up with just a slipping on her arm. Her sister dies of traumatic head injuries. The reality is there is evidence that she had been drinking all day long and although these two are identical twins that there was a deep, deep jealousy between the survivor and the victim. But I just heard that and Nancy very eloquently has just summarized for me what sounds like a potential manslaughter case. I don't hear anything -- You said murder/suicide. I'm saying that's the only theory they could have but don't see evidence of intentional conduct. What is the evidence -- What about the black box? The black box -- you mean from the car. The black box that shows she -- Adidn't attempt to brake. But -- Shows no braking, acceleration right over the cliff. So that's again to me -- you're talking about drinking and them fighting, classic manslaughter. The notion that it proves that it was intentional conduct because she may not have braked and that's probably true, that's not a murder case. So what's the sister's defense. And took a sharp left turn over a cliff. But when you're fighting with sun -- Not only that, they had also had serious financial problems and were fighting over their yoga studio empire. They had yoga studios in palm beach, west palm, park city and they would pack up and leave and leave -- take all the money and leave the members high and dry. They were driving matching Porsche boxsters, okay. They had a lot of money to roll around here. That may be true but why sit in the car with her to kill her. She has all sorts of opportunities to I'm sure to kill her sister in other ways other than her being in the car with her sister going off a cliff. Let me ask both we talked go the prosecution. What's the sister's defense here. An easy defense and this was an accident. She was pulling my hair. We were fighting in the car. Accident, accident. Pulling her hair. I'm veering off the cliff. She haired my hair so I killed her. Saying -- The reality is that that black box is going to show she intentionally went over the cliff, whether in the car or not in the car and technically that is second degree murder. Yeah. Boom. I don't see any -- Just dropped the Mike on you. I don't see any evidence of intentional conduct here. So this is not an easy case. You keep talking about alcohol and voluntary consumption of drugs or alcohol is not a defense anywhere. But I'm not talking defense, I'm talking about it being a manslaughter case, potentially not murder. Thank you both. That was thanty/dan classic. That was. We're back. Thank you, Nancy. Thank you, Dan. Over to Lara.

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{"duration":"6:46","description":"A 37-year-old Maui woman is in court after plunging an SUV off a 200-foot cliff with her twin sister in the passenger seat. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"39692380","title":"Woman Charged With Murder After Crash That Killed Twin","url":"/GMA/video/woman-charged-murder-crash-killed-twin-39692380"}