Woman Finds Nazi Symbol on Her Fast-Food Sandwich

Charleigh Matice made the discovery after placing her order from a McDonald's drive-thru in North Carolina.
1:43 | 08/11/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Woman Finds Nazi Symbol on Her Fast-Food Sandwich
McDonald's drive through -- who enjoys -- -- where -- order is typically the same no matter which location you go to. And I orders islands housing -- -- for myself and have no -- my daughter. -- Charlie Matt ice this morehead city McDonald's drive through and didn't hand -- -- order she expected. I -- they have. Let let me annihilating -- assailants ends. Minnesota she says a swastika. Had been burned onto the bunch of her chicken sandwich with butter. This is a joke. In this day and -- they really think it was a stunning. This anti Semitic symbol was used by the Nazi party in Germany during the Holocaust her grandfather had fought in world -- to. Many many people died. Under that symbol because it and it's not something that should be taken lightly and it doesn't industry background. She says when she went inside employs offered to replace it. I really didn't have advocated planes if it. Yeah I'd rather have my money back. -- I says even with the money she didn't feel satisfied she wants -- instant and dressed at a larger scale. Maybe it needs to be a part of training maybe in -- NB. Brought out more often says that people now than this on OK we went inside this McDonald's says the storm injure about -- -- sand or -- directed to corporate. The Vincent is an email with a statement from the local owner same employee have been fired. A decision that -- is happy with it. I'm -- loyal customer I know and that's led don't line. People like that I don't want them to have -- that representing. Because she thinks it's important to co exist. -- -- tells me she's not upset with McDonald's because they've apologize and it was the actions of one employee she says she plans on eating there again. Reporting in the -- -- Joanna Valencia for news channel twelve.

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{"duration":"1:43","description":"Charleigh Matice made the discovery after placing her order from a McDonald's drive-thru in North Carolina.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"24928846","title":"Woman Finds Nazi Symbol on Her Fast-Food Sandwich","url":"/GMA/video/woman-finds-nazi-symbol-on-fast-food-sandwich-24928846"}