Women Bare All to Show Dramatic Weight Loss

"GMA" brings you an exclusive first look at a photo shoot where women showcase their weight loss by posing in the nude for Weight Watchers magazine.
2:37 | 04/01/16

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Transcript for Women Bare All to Show Dramatic Weight Loss
and take a look at this stunning photo shoot. These women who have had, oh, my gosh, amazing success on weight watchers, baring all, they've lost more than 175 pounds combined. ABC's juju Chang has an exclusive first look at their remarkable journey. Good morning, juju. Good morning, robin. You know, this story exposes an ugly truth but in the most beautiful way, almost 9 in 10 American women are dissatisfied with their body weight according to one survey. The women you're about to see not only lost weight but gained confidence which is key and one thing to be comfortable in your own skin, what these ladies did next will blow you away. Raw, untouched and completely exposed. Real women opening up and baring it all for the first time in weight watchers magazine's upcoming issue. Numbers were not the biggest thing for me. Being comfortable in my own skin was the most important part of this journey. Reporter: The real women revealing much more than just stories of weight loss and personal growth. I embrace every day I'm in this body. Some days I fall off the wagon but tell myself I'm worthy and get myself back on. Reporter: The women drops from 12 pounds to 87 pounds doing it the way weight watchers recommends, gradually. I am my own biggest cheerleader and I definitely tell everyone to love themselves. We live in a world where we are pushed to compare ourselves with the impossible so when we look in the mirror and we see ourselves, we often actually see ourselves for our perceived flaws rather than for our strengths. I don't deny my self-bread. Reporter: Oprah being one of the group's most famous members and now part owner of the company. An amazing thing to have her input and see we are all in this together. Not the first time for championing of real women and real bodies, in 2004 dove had women strip down showcasing a N nonstereotypical ad of body types. The more we can embrace our strengths, the more we can embrace ourselves just as we are and then we can show other women that they can embrace themselves just as they are. And you know it's all part of the fabulous trend towards body positivity or Bodie versety, expanding that teeny tiny definition of what it means to be beautiful or sexy, because guess what, we all come in different shapes. Amen. You can heck this out in the weight watchers newsletter in the mail today and on newsstands next week. Beautiful spread. It is. Absolutely. Thank you for sharing that with us.

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{"id":38070704,"title":"Women Bare All to Show Dramatic Weight Loss","duration":"2:37","description":"\"GMA\" brings you an exclusive first look at a photo shoot where women showcase their weight loss by posing in the nude for Weight Watchers magazine.","url":"/GMA/video/women-bare-show-dramatic-weight-loss-38070704","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}