Tim Larkin Helps Women 'Survive the Unthinkable'

The military intelligence officer's new book gives women the tools they need to protect themselves.
2:09 | 09/21/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Tim Larkin Helps Women 'Survive the Unthinkable'
The numbers are alarming. Almost 2 million women are physically assaulted in the u.S. Every year. But you don't have to be bigger, stronger, or faster than your attacker to fight back. I learned there are lots of ways to protect yourself, thanks to a former military intelligence officer who is now sharing his secrets. When it comes to defending herself, scarlett johansson's character, black widow, has it covered. For regular women, protecting themselves from harm doesn't come so easily. Survive the unthinkable is tim larkin's new book, based on the former military intelligence officer's seminars. The goal, give women the tools they need to protect themselves with confidence. What's the best target? The best target is the one you can get. Reporter: Larkin's seminars have women and men of all shapes, sizes, ages and athletic abilities. But women in particular, he says, are often sold short when it comes to learning self-defense. The world doesn't care if it's a female elbow or a male elbow striking the body. Both are going to get a result. Women are told they have to behave differently. That they're not capable. They'll tell you all the things to prevent. Prevent, prevent. Reporter: In the moment. Do whatever it takes, dot, dot, dot. Instead of giving people an ellipses, I want to give women information how to do that. Reporter: The key is for women to become more comfortable inflicting violent injury on an attacker. That way, they won't hesitate to act when the time comes. Once you know how to swim. You don't walk by a pool of water and think of the scenarios. If I fall in this way, I'm going to do a side stroke. If I'm in the water, I'm going to swim. Same thing with violence. The throat, solar plexus and the grain. Reporter: Tim gave me a lesson in self-protection. Protection comes with putting injury in someone that wants to do grievous harm. Reporter: Not exactly superhero moves. But a step in the right direction.

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{"id":20327321,"title":"Tim Larkin Helps Women 'Survive the Unthinkable'","duration":"2:09","description":"The military intelligence officer's new book gives women the tools they need to protect themselves.","url":"/GMA/video/womens-defense-tim-larkin-helps-women-survive-unthinkable-20327321","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}