Woody Allen Molestation Claim Goes Public

Dylan Farrow accuses her adoptive father of molestation in an open letter.
3:00 | 02/03/14

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Transcript for Woody Allen Molestation Claim Goes Public
the gripping charges from Dylan farrow. Woody Allen's adopted daughter going forth with allegations that woody Allen molested her. Reporter: This morning, a 21-year-old wound opened wide. Woody Allen's adopted daughter, Dylan farrow, speaking out for the first time, after her mother accused Allen. In a scathing letter to the new York times, the now 28-year-old says he molested her in an attic. She says he's a testament to how the society fails the victim of abuse. They came from the mind of woody Allen, right? Reporter: Soon after a lifetime achievement award was handed out, his son said, missed the woody Allen tribute. Did they put the part where a woman publicly confirmed he molested her before or after Annie hall. Days later, Dylan calls out some of Hollywood's biggest names. What if it had been your child? You knew me when I was a little girl. Have you forgotten me? Plan chetd told the Hollywood reporter it's been a long and painful situation. I hope they find some resolution and peace. As for Baldwin, he went on a tirade tweeting, that expletive is wrong with you that you think we all need to be commenting on this family's personal struggle? That tweet and others were later deleted. Allen's representative said Mr. Allen read the article and found it untrue and disgraceful. He'll be responding very soon. His response was clear back in 1993. Experts concluded there was no evidence of molestation. And while he was never charged, he lost custody of his three children, including Dylan. The public battle prompted the usually reclusive Allen to speak out. I adore my daughter. The whole thing is crazy. Reporter: With him up for an Oscar, some say his prospects and legacy may be in jeopardy. Some people may say, I just don't feel comfortable being in one of his movies because of this. Reporter: For "Good morning America," linsey Davis, ABC news, New York. You just heard in H piece. 20-year-old allegations. No charges brought. Independent medical examers said no conclusion. The statute of limitations has expired. Even if you assume possible extepgss that can apply to assaults on children, under no scenario will charges be filed at this point. And remember, that they did investigate this back in the day. They didn't say we are determining that it did or didn't happen. They said they didn't feel they had enough evidence to move forward. That's one of the tough choices prosecutors have to make every day. They have to ask themselves two questions. Number one, do we believe snit and number two, do we believe that we can get a conviction? Do we believe that we can prove this case beyond a reasonable doubt? It seems that the answer to both questions together back in the day was no. And Allen's lawyer putting out the denial overnight. Allen has no legal recourse here. If he wants to try to sue, he could. It's not going to happen. That happens in cases like this. This is very emotional. Very sensitive case. But I think "The New York times" made the right call publishes the letter. I think woody Allen will want to make this go away. Thank you, Dan. Let's get the weather from

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Dylan Farrow accuses her adoptive father of molestation in an open letter.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"22343404","title":"Woody Allen Molestation Claim Goes Public","url":"/GMA/video/woody-allen-dylan-farrow-accuses-adoptive-father-public-22343404"}