Workout Wednesday: Noah Neiman's Boot Camp Workout

Neiman demos the routine that made him an Instagram star. Try it at home!
4:16 | 08/03/16

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Transcript for Workout Wednesday: Noah Neiman's Boot Camp Workout
sensation Noah Neiman here. He is a celebrity trainer who is ripped and helps stars like Katie Holmes, Jake gyllenhaal, Adrianna Lima and now sharing his best moves to get you in shape. Hi, Noah. Hi. Thank you so much for having me on. I'm so thrilled to have you. You're going to start by teaching this. What is had. A standard lunge. One of those basic movement patterns of our body that's really beneficial so people can get good at this. Works your legs, works your core. Ginger has not stopped. Absurd. I want to ask you to show us on TV, give us another move. This one you say is called something jacked. This is a boxer jack. A play off of the old school jumping jack and warm up our hip flexors. A lot of times we have tension in our hips and give us lower back and knee pain. Can we go for boxer jacks right here. Right here. At home this is the boxer jack. This is the boxer jack. Right here trying to get the hip flexors warped up and get us ready to do some more intensive work outs. I'm hurt so I'm letting ginger do it for me. I feel like my temperature has certainly raised. You're sweating over here. It's about core but, again, it's about getting your body limber and ready to work out. Need that modification you can't jump -- A lot are asking about a smaller version. Just get the knee as high as you can and touch under. What makes your workout different? It's not about -- it's not about being different. It's about -- I like to go back to the basics. I think that we get so caught up in the hype nowadays of finding this new workout method that will get us fit quick. Be good at the basics and being a master of those basic movements and I know you're going to get stronger from that. So it's almost like a Paleo workout. Talk about Paleo. This is a regression. This is, all right, let's get really good at moving our body again and I know we'll get stronger without the hype. What is ginger now doing. The squat -- we're doing the combat squat. Can't do this. I have a bum hip. This is the version. You squat -- if you don't squat and have a bad lower back, don't take it as low. You can hit the four punches and bring it up as high as you can. Work within your range of motion. Work within your body's limitation. Are we squeezing the core at all times. Ginger, you look like you're working your core. The most important thing about any movement is keeping your back protected. Keeping what's called your spinal integrity in check so we want to keep our core engaged and don't want to get lax and keep a lot of tension in our body when we work out when we lift weights or do calisthenics. Three moves you say can make a difference even if you do one day a week. We did the squat jacks, you can do those for 30 second sets. 30-second sets. How many sets. We'll do this whole thing about three to four sets. So just again for beginners, as you start to progress you do more. 30 seconds of those jacks then 30 seconds of those squats with the rotation. We're going 30 seconds right here, those combat squats. Then the last move, this is a boot camp classic, it's how we do burpees in here. The combat burpees. You seem way too happy. I love a good Burpee. The burpees are a great way to hit our body from head to toe. Efficiency but practical. I'll show you the regression. Don't get caught up in the hype. Throw four punches and hit one push-up and we're going to jump up. So I'll do it full time then I'll slow it down for you that might need modification. One, two, three, four, hit the push-up then jump up. Flippinging sweat all over. If you need that modification again, take it a little bit slower, get that punch form, take it low, step your feet back. Then take a nap. Step your feet back into the mask position and either go down to your knees for the push-up or forgo the push-up if your upper body isn't there and step it forward making sure you're standing up with your legs not your lower back and reach up. That's great. Two different layers for two different styles. No reason we can't all get moving. Ginger zee. Yes. Great workout. Any time you do a Burpee, you'll sweat immediately. Do you feel like doing the

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{"duration":"4:16","description":"Neiman demos the routine that made him an Instagram star. Try it at home!","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"41082772","title":"Workout Wednesday: Noah Neiman's Boot Camp Workout","url":"/GMA/video/workout-wednesday-noah-neimans-boot-camp-workout-41082772"}