US vs. Portugal Ends in Draw

Former team USA member Alexi Lalas discusses tactics for the match against Germany.
4:34 | 06/23/14

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Transcript for US vs. Portugal Ends in Draw
Team usa just seconds away from escaping that group of death into the next round. They are very much in it. It was not bad. Paula Faris has the dramatic details from Rio. Good morning. Reporter: Good morning, George. The U.S. Had this game all but won. They were moving on to round two, but with 30 seconds to go, heartbreak across the globe. It was the latest world cup regulation goal ever scored. It was almost a miracle on the pitch. Jones -- oh, yes! Jermaine Jones! What a cracker from him! Reporter: Jermaine Jones tying the score against powerhouse Portugal in the 64th minute. Sensational strike. Reporter: Needing a win to guarantee advancement, and in the 81st minute, grabbed the lead. Dempsey! Is he onside? He is. 2-1 to the U.S. Reporter: But going into the last minute of play with the score of 2-1, and Americans everywhere rejoicing -- Usa! One nation, one team. Usa, we take the game. Portugal superstar Christian know Ronaldo steps up with this. The equalizer! Reporter: And with just 30 seconds remaining, Portugal ended in a tie. Leaving the Americans battered but not broken. Bob woodruff caught up with Jermaine Jones this morning right after the game. It was in the heart of the Amazon. Four of his kids and his wife were at the stadium to witness the goal. My oldest boy, he's 12, he was crying when I scored the goal. Reporter: Like the rest of the team, Jones believes the Americans have a great chance against number two-ranked Germany. We know we have to have focused for every game, and we already show it. Reporter: So what's next? Well, team usa plays Germany this Wednesday in recife. They can still advance to. Robyn. I bet they're not. All right, get the perspective of soccer analyst and former U.S. Team member. You were speechless after the match. What are your thoughts this morning? Brutal, brutal. Oh, god. It was absolutely brutal. For people just coming to the game, don't know a lot about soccer, they were amazed and surprised and stunned, that's one thing. Even for soccer folks like myself, it was stunning to let a goal in at that moment, to have it in the palm of your hand. And maybe getting a little greedy. After that, the U.S. Had four points. If they would take that, 100%. You go out, three points against Ghana, and let it slip away in the last minute. Absolutely brutal, but as we have seen, the team is resilie resilient, put it up against Germany, have a chance to get out of the group. You make up great points. You are absolutely right. When they said prior to the world cup, they would have four points now, yeah. How do you, if you're a team member for team usa, how do you get back up for the match against Germany? Well, look, from a coaching perspective, Jurgen klinsmann has paid a lot of money to figure this out. He will talk to the team and say put it away. Yes, there were mistakes and you can look at things that happened. But the reality is they were planning on this third game against Germany having to be the one where they had to go get points. And that's the situation they're in right now. Don't think for a second that Jurgen klinsma Jurgen klinsmann and this team didn't go back and start thinking about this and say what did we do? Because if this goal turns out to be the reason why they don't go on to the next round, that would be devastating to have it in the palm of your hand just sitting there and to let it get away at the last second. Brutal is the word. You said it right from the get go. Thanks so much. We look forward to see Ying you again. Team usa versus Germany at 11:30 A.M. Eastern on ESPN.

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{"id":24258614,"title":"US vs. Portugal Ends in Draw","duration":"4:34","description":"Former team USA member Alexi Lalas discusses tactics for the match against Germany.","url":"/GMA/video/world-cup-2014-us-portugal-ends-draw-24258614","section":"GMA","mediaType":"us only 08"}