World Leaders Demand Investigators Be Granted Access to MH17 Debris Field

Wreckage of Malaysia Airlines jet remains unsecured.
5:13 | 07/19/14

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Transcript for World Leaders Demand Investigators Be Granted Access to MH17 Debris Field
Right to the breaking news on flight mh17. Ripped out of the sky over Ukraine. Here's what we know. President Obama pointing the finger at rebel fighters in eastern Ukraine, fighters who are backed by Russia, he says they used a Russian made surface-to-air missile to shoot down the plane even perhaps with Russian technical support. We also know one American was among the victims. Quinn Lucas schansman was 19 years old with joint u.s./dutch citizenship, 1 of the 2 the 8 dead including 80 children. Three of whom were infants. Also this morning, growing international outrage over the fact that rebel fighters in eastern Ukraine were not allowing investigators to reach the scene of the crash. We have team coverage of what is a fast-moving story at this hour and begin with ABC's kirit radio who was able to reach the scene and what he found was shocking. Reporter: Good morning. I'm standing right in the middle of where the bulk of the plane landed. As you can see almost nothing survived. Just a part of the landing gear, part of the engine and burned body parts everywhere. This morning, international investigators complain that the rebels that control this area won't give them full access to the site. The smell hits you even before you see it. Jet fuel and death. The wreckage still smoldering. Every white flag a body part. Among the debris a child's toy, a backpack, someone's suitcase. Anywhere else in the world the crash site would be roped off and crawling with investigators. Not here. Only a few rebels to keep watch and local emergency workers. International investigators still haven't arrived. The team who arrived last night said the rebels did not grant them full access. President Obama says the U.S. Has evidence the rebels shot the plane down. Evidence indicates that the plane was shot down by a surface-to-air missile that was launched from an area controlled by russian-backed separatists inside of Ukraine. Reporter: One rebel blasted those claims. Reporter: Telling us it was the Ukrainian military who did this. Among the dead an American student on his way to join his family's vacation. It's so senseless what happened. Reporter: Also killed three infants, almost bringing the U.S. Ambassador to the united nations to tears. As we stared at the passenger list yesterday we saw next to three of the passengers names a capital "I." As we now know the letter "I" stands for infant. Reporter: Back at the crash site the rebels say they'll facilitate an investigation. But so far that has yet to begin. It's been raining here today and all of this evidence and so many of the bodies are still laying out exposed to the elements. Now nearly 48 hours after the crash. Dan and bianna. A complete disrespect for the dead. Kirit radio, thank you. Let's bring in colonel Steve ganyard in London. Steve, good morning. The fact that the crime scene is so to rowly unsecured. How badly does that set back the investigation? Dan, I've got a little bit of a different take on this. You know, I think the past 24 hours we've had the president come out and confirm and what happened. That is that a surface-to-air missile system that was Russian in origin brought this aircraft down and so I think we really know what happened. Getting to those black boxes isn't going to tell us much. The black boxes will only say this was a perfectly good airplane right up until the impact of that missile. Getting to the crash site could provide some forensic evidence, perhaps things like residue from explosives or some metal fragments but I think right now what we really need to do is get to the crash site and preserve some of the dignity of the dead and their loved ones. Hard to call that anything other than an outrage. Given this situation and given that we're in an active war zone how do we get to the bottom of this and find out who is to blame? Right, that's going to be the challenge because we know that the rebels had this weapon, we know that it came from rebel territory and saw two weeks ago nato intelligence officials were briefing they saw the Russians giving training to the rebels on this sophisticated tactical mobile surface-to-air missile system. So there are lots of pieces of evidence now but I think we're going to shift from a mind-set of a crime scene investigation to an intelligence investigation to try and figure out how was these missiles came to be into rebel hands and it'll probably most likely point back to Moscow. Why would it be in anybody's interest, though, to shoot down a commercial airplane? Why do youny they would have done this? Right now I can only imagine that it was not done delibera deliberately. If they were given a little bit of training they probably weren't told how to use the capabilities of that system to determine the difference between a commercial and a military aircraft. They probably just saw a blip on the radar, locked on and pulled the trigger but I think what happened here is that Mr. Putin gave some delinquent children a can of gasoline and matches and he's now shocked to find out that they started a fire. Horrifying. All right, colonel Steve ganyard, our aviation consultanting reporting in from London this morning, thank you. Our thoughts and prayer, of course, with the loved ones who lost so many people and bears

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{"id":24631989,"title":"World Leaders Demand Investigators Be Granted Access to MH17 Debris Field","duration":"5:13","description":"Wreckage of Malaysia Airlines jet remains unsecured.","url":"/GMA/video/world-leaders-demand-investigators-granted-access-mh17-debris-24631989","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}