World's Ugliest Dog Contest Heats Up

Canines compete for the unusual title in California.
3:04 | 06/22/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for World's Ugliest Dog Contest Heats Up
Obviously -- DNA we featured dog vs dog competitions with canine gladiators performing their best -- the winner. Was a -- -- name didn't need seven many -- you can see here has formidable if somewhat idiosyncratic full body bowling skills. -- is a cutie but this morning and the winner -- very different competition canines vying for the unenviable title of world's unless dog. ABC's Rachel Smith is and -- Los Angeles with the story good morning radio. -- -- -- beyond and day and it well on the hills of our GMA -- be -- week that best of show has been captured. At the annual world's ugly is -- contest by the imperfectly perfect night named Wally from Chico California. -- you Wally is winning moment a look at all the stutter step suits had to say. That. Thousand guarantee. -- apparently and. You gotta be a real dog to compete in this. -- -- -- -- -- advantage coming to an ugly dog contest is probably the less you do the better numbers coming in around. Not much you can do about it get any -- any uglier they are where they are. In 29 months and had agreed with presented but they're proud OK hey -- -- -- backpack she expects. The we'll need to get a leg up -- together at the world's ugliest dog contest -- the dog looked comfortable. This is the competition's 25 year at this in November and there in California. But -- but Condit -- it's best -- it. Well Thomas is -- his face to match. Let's fix it included the father at football legend -- -- and John -- speak late -- TV classic lassie. And beyond. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Give it up for Wally. -- -- Like in an experiment that went wrong -- was clearly the unique dog in the world. They're really says that there is something wrong with it and it hits you paid his back his he's sorry. -- the wind something. Deodorant four year old Wally beloved Serb part boxer Beagle and Bassett -- unique. And now the winner and that -- the 15100 dollars AM barking -- right. Underdogs may have bones to pick for not -- top highs they -- caused remembers there's always next year. And they can only hope that as they get older they kids the. It's important to note that the fun filled contest helps raise serious awareness for rescue dogs and guys be on the lookout for -- he will make his late night appearance Wednesday. And Jimmy Kimmel. All right I think he really to experiment on the -- me and the umpire Angel thank you.

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{"id":19463094,"title":"World's Ugliest Dog Contest Heats Up","duration":"3:04","description":"Canines compete for the unusual title in California.","url":"/GMA/video/worlds-ugliest-dog-contest-heats-19463094","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}