Anchor Drops F-Bomb in TV Debut

KFYR's AJ Clemente was fired immediately after his profane debut, but the video has gone viral.
1:53 | 04/23/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Anchor Drops F-Bomb in TV Debut
AJ -- a.'s career on KF why -- at this. Began and and good evening I'm -- here. Typically the very beginning of his very first newscast AJ uttered 2 words not good morning TV. All right and I'm filters that played again and -- just -- the way we. Good evening I'm -- he had seen our -- AJ Dion and seeing North Dakota news and -- vetoing the weakened his team that's -- -- -- AJ went on to introduce himself to -- Thanks -- very excited I graduated from west Virginia university and obvious that it you know from being from the -- East Coast. But his bosses had seen enough he was fired immediately she read the apology. Later that evening at rest assured that something like Islam not happen again. That could have gone anywhere today -- thank you -- favorite -- Maybe this -- -- best. Elvis was fired today one grand old doing going nowhere is on the manager told him. Go back to driving a truck and Madonna was fired on her first -- working a -- -- in Times Square. -- send your first is a news anchorman did not go well last story in the broadcast announced the job -- for news anchor. The heart goes -- -- very first anchorman job at the Bharatiya. On the station's FaceBook demanding AJ it reinstated -- Already the most famous for a -- but -- -- But Ron Burgundy got his job back. So San Diego. AJ -- achieved in 12. Many of us on TV never it. I think AJ into Google and needs them resonate. -- stuff he went -- That's right out of the -- Good Morning America -- eighteen plus and.

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{"id":19020908,"title":"Anchor Drops F-Bomb in TV Debut","duration":"1:53","description":"KFYR's AJ Clemente was fired immediately after his profane debut, but the video has gone viral.","url":"/GMA/video/worst-day-tv-anchor-aj-clemente-web-star-19020908","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}