Inspirational Viral Video Stars Honored by Olympian

Gold medal wrestler Rulon Gardner surprise Jared Stevens and Justin Kievet on "GMA."
7:26 | 05/09/13

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Transcript for Inspirational Viral Video Stars Honored by Olympian
waiting for all morning. Boy, tell you what, we've been enjoying our special event all week. All: You're not dreaming! And it's really been our chance to shine a light on all the stories, all the people who have inspired us so much that we wanted to pay tribute to them. Surprise them with tokens of our gratitude and appreciation so george, surprised the young women with among other things a special message from beyonce and, oh, did the tears flow. It was a volcanic eruption. Then sam visited the firefighters, the heroes of breezy point, new york and brought much needed supplies and money to help rebuild their fire station devastated by superstorm sandy and then lara yesterday pampered the pooches and as important, the hammers of said pooches of the canine comfort dogs ministry and so today I get to join in and I get to tip my hat to two young men, two young wrestlers who grabbed me by the heart strings, justin and jared made such an impact on me, I had to go meet them in person. Get him, jared. Reporter: It looked just like an ordinary wrestling match between two middle schoolers. But on this day, both of these 12-year-olds left the mat as winners and to call charge extraordinary doesn't even come close. Take another look. You see, jared stevens has cerebral palsy but he doesn't let that stop him and now he wants to wrestle just like olympic gold medalist rulon gardner that's when we asked the coach, you know, what do we have to do to make that happen. He said you really want to be on the mat today and ask me if i had a kid that understood the world having a big heart. Reporter: Enter jared's competitor in his very first wrestling match. I didn't know what to do. I went to wrestle him. I shook his hand but noticed he couldn't move so I sat on the mat and pulled him over me and like slid under me. Jared pinned him in just 18 seconds and tapped the joy of victory. He looked at me with a joyful face and smiled at me. That made me feel really good. Reporter: Their story went global. Wow. Unreal. Teaching us all and hit me square in the heart. One, two, three. And that's why we've come back to visit these two boys, each of whose stories is very deserving of being told but it's when those two stories became one that it became something else entirely. It also became a reunion I don't want to miss. Oh, my goodness. Hey, look, josh elliott from "good morning america." How are you. Hi, jared. How are you. Good to see you. What would a reunion be without a little surprise. Today give jared this picture of him winning his first match. It says, courage, character and commitment! Reporter: And there it is again, that smile. I got to tell you, justin, you know, I hope my daughter when she grows up to be your age makes the choice that you made and I hope all of you understand what a monumental moment that w was. It is a real honor to meet you two today. I have one other request. You would be doing me a great honor if you would join me in new york on "good morning america" on thursday. can I bring my dog. Can he bring his dog? You bet you can. And look who joined me today, justin keeva and jared stevens. And john iii, jared's little buddy. It's good to see you guys again. I know I told you this. Your home there in tennessee last week but the impact that you had on all of us here and so many millions of people at home really around the world, it is such -- you honor us with your presence. You honor us with your courage. Both of you that you showed getting to that moment on that mat and I do -- my colleagues over there have wanted to meet you guys, as well. Looking over at all of you and the three of us were athletes, wrestler, diver, basketball player so, justin, we know what it's like and what you did. What has been the reaction, justin, from people when they see your story and know what you've done with jared? It's just crazy. Well, you're handling it well. You both are handling it well. I know you didn't know I was coming to tennessee and it was wonderful to meet you both, the You didn't know I would bring you back to new york and spend the morning with us here. There's something else I didn't tell you and I can't not tell you guys stuff, okay. So because it is our very special series -- All: You're not dreaming. I brought a very special friend to meet you. Come on out. Whoa. Whoo! Hey, man. I want you guys to meet -- i want you guys to meet rulon gardner, justin, do you know rulo I think I've heard -- rulon guarder. In the 2000 olympic games wrestling for the u.S. Really pulled what many believe to be the greatest individual upset in olympics history. He beat a wrestler named alexander carell who hasn't lost for 13 years in international competition and I know, rulon, grab a seat. Grab a seat. I know when we reached out to you, we didn't have to tell you too much about this story. You already knew about it. I did. I actually watched it right after you guys did the shot. It was just so inspirational for me to feel the emotion of every wrestler to see what goes through that first victory, that first opportunity to feel what sportsmanship is like. It was truly inspiring to see, you know, this spirit these two had in sportsmanship and athletics. What do you want to say to them both? You guys kind of bring the emotion of sports together. From all the different sports of wrestling to athletics to everything about it. Sportsman hipp is being able to go out and share with somebody, you know, what competition is like but ultimately what success is and also maybe a loss but it's not about always winning and losing. It's about the opportunity to compete and you guys show that every day. Well, again, I want to thank you for coming, rulon. And I want to -- I want to thank you both. I'm never ever going to forget getting the chance to meet you guys and I know a lot of people won't forget what it is you both did and the courage and strengthhowed in getting to that match that day so thanks

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{"duration":"7:26","description":"Gold medal wrestler Rulon Gardner surprise Jared Stevens and Justin Kievet on \"GMA.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"19142053","title":"Inspirational Viral Video Stars Honored by Olympian","url":"/GMA/video/wrestler-cerebral-palsy-opponent-interview-jared-stevens-justin-19142053"}