Keep Your New Year's Resolutions Going With 'The Shred Power Cleanse'

Dr. Ian Smith shares secrets of his new detox program aimed to help you lose weight.
3:21 | 01/26/16

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Transcript for Keep Your New Year's Resolutions Going With 'The Shred Power Cleanse'
All right, thank you, guys. Here with my good friend best-selling author Dr. Ian smith who has secrets to keeping your new year's resolutions going which is hard for all of us with his new book "The shred power cleanse," which features a powerful detox program to help you lose weight and get back on track. Welcome. Thanks, man. I was in the gym yesterday. The gym was crowded and trainer looked at me and said, Michael, don't worry, come a few weeks nobody will be here, one-third of all the people have already quit with their resolutions that they already had but your diet you say is a way to jump-start and give somebody a good start and restart on their diet plan. The "The shred power cleanse" is a two-week cleanse. The average weight loss in two weeks was eight pounds, not just weight loss but also lowering blood pressure, lowering cholesterol level, a huge group of people, 30,000 doing the challenge at Every Monday we start a shred purple smooth economy challenge. You have special ingredients. What are they? You get four meals a day and two snacks, these are some of the power ingredients, okay. These are things that you can add to your soups, shakes, smoothies and you can Tully get a lot of nutritional value for a small amount of cost so these are all in the book. Can you add them easily with all your meals and snacks and people love them because you get to eat solid food. The key is not just liquid. You get to eat solid food. Really eat food. So there are four dishes made. I'm supposed to sample each dish and tell you what special ingredient is in that dish, right? We'll see if you can do it. Here we go. This is the signature drink. All about the purple smoothie. The purple powder detox smt think. More than 50 recipes. You try it. I want to. No, no, you got a lot to try. This is like blueberries. It's good, right? Okay. So there are blueberries and strawberries but what is the special idea. Ginger. Ginger. Voila. Bee pollen. You're wrong. Bee pollen. I'm buzzing. Bee pollen is one of the complete foods, 40% protein. Can't even drink it. I had no idea. Here's number two, are you ready for this? This is our luscious strawberry shake. Secret ingredient, strawberries. Let me try this. I have no idea. Just lift the cover. There you go, flaxseed. Flaxseed. I could taste it. Brown flaxseed. Omega three fatty acids. Great for your drink. Last thing, try this uncle Johnny's black-eyed peas salad. Just take the top off. Chia seeds. Chia seeds. Two ounces has five -- right here. I don't see them in here. They hide in there, five grams of fiber, ten grams of fiber, five grams of protein and lastly is this Moroccan spicy lentil soup. Ginger. There you go, ginger. Studies show people who ate ginger were fuller and ate less. I'm all over that ginger then, doc. "The shred power cleanse" is available now. Make sure you go out and pick it up. You can find these recipes on our website, on Yahoo! Thank you, doc. Over to you, Amy.

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{"duration":"3:21","description":"Dr. Ian Smith shares secrets of his new detox program aimed to help you lose weight.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"36522396","title":"Keep Your New Year's Resolutions Going With 'The Shred Power Cleanse'","url":"/GMA/video/years-resolutions-shred-power-cleanse-36522396"}