New York City Marathon: Runners Deal With Cancelation

John Schriffen discusses reactions to early end of this year's marathon.
3:00 | 11/04/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for New York City Marathon: Runners Deal With Cancelation
recovery, power is starting to come back and the subways are mostly running again. The same cannot be said though for the new york city marathon. The largest in the world canceled at the last minute due to controversy. Some runners, however, are making good use of this day. And john schriffen has more on that. Reporter: Good morning, dan. Instead of thousands of runners making their way to the starting line, many will be coming right here to staten island ferry to gather donations. Lot going on here in downtown manhattan. 5,000 gallons of water being pumped out of a subway station a minute to get it running. We have signs of normalcy popping up. But still a lot of work to be done. Flying high above the tristate, abc news got a close look at the cleanup efforts. The canal that separates new jersey from staten island where 350,000 gallons of fuel spilled over as a result of the superstorm. I think we're starting to win as far as the response. Reporter: And this morning, a welcome sight, the crane that dangled so precariously, is now safely tethered to the side of the building. We have a little bit of more work to do. We hope to open west 57th street to traffic. Reporter: A small sign conditions in new york are looking up. Excitement to have the light and sounds of normalcy. As more subways begin to run. I have been in the house every day with the baby. I'm excited to go back to work. Reporter: Grocery stores reopened. As manhattan begins to recover, much of the region is still suffering. Now, adjusting to a new normal in the wake of sandy's aftermath getting all of the help they can get to begin a long road to recovery. And, the organization in charge of the new york city marathon has decided to donate all of the food and supplies from the race to people in need. The election's coming up on tuesday, new jersey has decided that anyone effected by the storm in their state will be able to vote by fax or e-mail.

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{"id":17636208,"title":"New York City Marathon: Runners Deal With Cancelation","duration":"3:00","description":"John Schriffen discusses reactions to early end of this year's marathon.","url":"/GMA/video/york-city-marathon-runners-deal-cancelation-17636208","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}