Man 'Executed' in Broad Daylight in NYC

Young man is shot in the back of the head just steps away from Carnegie Hall.
2:35 | 12/11/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Man 'Executed' in Broad Daylight in NYC
We're going to turn to the brazen shooting in midday, midtown manhattan, just steps away from carnegie hall. A young man executed. One bullet to the back of the head in a mob-style hit. This was calm and cold-blooded. Reporter: This crime was carefully planned. An execution-style shooting on a busy sidewalk, just during lunchtime, with a getaway car waiting. This morning, police are trying to figure out how the shooter could have just vanished. Abc news has learned police are reviewing security camera footage as they try to figure out who gunned down this man, 31-year-old brandon lincoln woodard, a law student from los angeles, seen here in a facebook pho photo. There was blood from his mouth to his face. I seen him drop to the floor. Reporter: Police say the cold and calculated attack happened just after 2:00 monday afternoon, in this bustlin area, right in front of a school. Investigators believe the gunman lay in wait for at least 40 minutes. Woodard checked out of a posh new york city hotel, the shooter followed. Witnesses say the victim looked at his phone and turned back instinctively, but kept going. That's when police say the shooter raised a semiautomatic pistol and shot woodard once in the back of the head. One, lout shot. We all flinched. Reporter: Witnesses say the shooter got into a silver-colored lincoln sedan with a getaway driver and took off. Authorities called it a bold assassination. Absolutely gone. Nowhere to be found. Reporter: That he vanished was made harder to believe, because he was in an area crowded with tourists and surveillance cameras. The sheer fact he shot him in the back of the head, tells me this was planned and directed. Reporter: The friends and family are shocked. He attended prep school. And had ties to the hip-hop industry. Kind heart. Smart. Really good person. Reporter: But sources tell abc news, woodard had some run-ins with police. He reportedly was expected in court january 22nd in beverly hills, on a felony cocaine possession charge, according to authorities. And sources tell abc news, woodard was in town on vacation. Police are looking into all areas of his life, including who would have known his schedule. But right now, they remain baffled as to what would have prompted this shooting. This person lied in wait. Frightening stuff. Now, to the latest on the death of musical superstar jenni

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{"id":17931505,"title":"Man 'Executed' in Broad Daylight in NYC","duration":"2:35","description":"Young man is shot in the back of the head just steps away from Carnegie Hall.","url":"/GMA/video/york-city-shooting-man-executed-broad-daylight-nyc-17931505","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}