Commuters Stranded as NYC Trains Fail

Trains on three of five Metro North rail lines were stuck after a computer glitch shut down the system.
3:00 | 01/24/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Commuters Stranded as NYC Trains Fail
Travel nightmares on the train tracks in the northeast where thousands were delayed for hours last night when the train simply stopped. Federal investigators nowing looking into what caused it overnight and John muller has the story. Reporter: Two of the nation's largest rail systems partially shutting down for hours literally stopping thousands of passengers in and on their tracks. Some stranded on trains from new York to Connecticut. Others left waiting at stations including Manhattan's grand central terminal seen here packed wall to wall with frustrated travelers. It's running more like the train in Bangladesh. Reporter: Reports show power to metro north's system was interrupted causing it to top on three of its five lines. Amtrak service also affected. Fortunately the trains maintained power and heat through the bitter cold night. We'll be looking into this trying to figure out what happened and design it so it can't happen again. Reporter: One passenger tweeted this picture of a pouch of emergency water saying, never a good sign when the conductor passes these out. This is metro north's fourth major incident in four months including this deadly crash in New York in December. The train packed with people flipped over after taking this turn way too quickly. Four people were killed and 60 injured. Investigators blaming human error. For "Good morning America," John muller, ABC news, New York.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Trains on three of five Metro North rail lines were stuck after a computer glitch shut down the system.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"21649543","title":"Commuters Stranded as NYC Trains Fail","url":"/GMA/video/york-city-trains-shutdown-commuters-stranded-21649543"}