New York Gas Prices Decrease During Summer Months

Experts start to see a downward trend of prices at the gas pump.
3:00 | 08/11/13

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Transcript for New York Gas Prices Decrease During Summer Months
Welcome relief for drivers and their pocketbooks of consumers can expect to catch -- break the -- not only for the remainder of this year but according to experts well into next -- kill. ABC's DD boys at a gas station in New York City with the details I like hearing this news that eating. Yeah it is a really good news we -- those standing -- -- the most expensive places for gas in the country take a look at this sign at this gas station. In midtown Manhattan. I'm gallon of regular gas will cost you more dollars and five cents again and not representative of most of the country but there -- Ahead pop rock -- prices are on their way down. Let's take a look at those numbers starting from a year ago. The federal government reports of gas prices in 2012. War on average 363. A gallon. This year's projected average is 352. A gallon and in 2014. That -- it's even better. The government says that -- will fall even further to 337. A gallon. There isn't pretty big spreads when it comes to states and gas prices this is according to triple play. The most expensive gas in the country is in new York and the west California among those states the price down there. 391. The cheapest gas is in the south and southeast -- -- -- are popular in South Carolina south that you're back. 324 in finding Yeltsin checked out gas buddy dot com to help you save money on the road. What recommendation is to get your gas at a wholesale store our grocery store break and get it -- or even below Costa times. Gas coupons in the mail online or -- activist grocery store receipts and finally if you lives. In a major metropolitan area Danny might consider going to a suburb for gas but only sits on the way for instance if we were to go to Jersey for gas we have to actually. Pay a pretty -- tell.

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{"id":19928815,"title":"New York Gas Prices Decrease During Summer Months","duration":"3:00","description":"Experts start to see a downward trend of prices at the gas pump.","url":"/GMA/video/york-gas-prices-decrease-summer-months-19928815","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}