New York Governor Restricts Registered Sex Offenders From Playing Pokemon Go

The "GMA" team and insiders analyze some of the biggest stories trending this morning.
7:05 | 08/02/16

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Transcript for New York Governor Restricts Registered Sex Offenders From Playing Pokemon Go
Time now for our big board. Our team of insiders standing by with more on today's top stories. Our man T.J. Is here at the table. Yeah. We know it's big. Oh, it's big when I come here. Yeah, we'll get to your story in a moment. First lawmakers are taking aim at pokemon go. New York governor Andrew Cuomo trying to keep potential predators away from it announcing he's restricting registered sex offenders on parole from playing after young gamers were found chasing pokemon in the vicinity of known ex-cons. Our chief legal analyst Dan Abrams is here to weigh in on this. This is really some serious stuff here and governor Cuomo went on to actually send a letter to the makers of the game asking how they can help keep sex offenders from playing the game legally. Is this effective. Yeah, well, look, first of all I'm more concerned about the people that aren't registered than the ones who are registered when it comes to something like this. And secondly, you know, there's been a lot of talk, oh, you know, kids ended up half a block away from a sex offender's home. That to me feels like politic, what is real and is a real concern is in the game the lure aspect of the game, the fact that you can actually pay to get people to come to you and there have already been potential crimes committed by people trying to lure people in the middle of the night to remote places. That's a concern with regard to protecting your children so in that sense, it is legitimate but I would expect as the case with any time there are additional restrictions on sex offenders, that there will be some sort of legal challenge to it. Is this something, I mean, I know we can try to legislate it but shouldn't the watchdog really be the parents in these cases and at the end of the day -- It has to be first and foremost the parents but, look, governor Cuomo in particular has really taken a lead when it comes to sex offenders online, making sure that they're accountable. He started a big law in New York which now requires them to sort of register all of their e-mails and any time they're online, et cetera, and so I do think that's a legitimate issue. But in the end, it's going to be the parents. You have to know where your kid is going, where are they playing, et cetera. And who's talking to them when they're playing is a big, big scare for all of us parents in this electronic age. Dan, thanks so much. We move on to daredevils dangling off skyscrapers all for that photo. Oh pie gosh, I'm getting dizzy looking at that. The makers of red bull are launching an eight-part series investigating the mind-set of so-called urban explorers, adventurers who put their life in danger to capture the perfect shot and T.J. Holmes joins us. Just looking at these photos, this is dangerous. This is literally one wrong move, one way or another by a couple of inches and they're going to fall to their death, period. It's that simple. These are urban explorers, urban exploration or urb ex and here's this platform following them around. That's the one you didn't see here but watching these, a trailer, will make you sick to your stomach. But they travel around, they go to these skyscrapers, they go to places that are off-limits and make no mistake these guys are good for what they do, they train at this but also good at trespassing breaking the law getting into a lot of places where they're going but this is their showcase, our new generation of explorers. How about red bull? You can put a disclaimer and say, kids don't try this at home but are they in hot water. They haven't gotten in hot water yet. The series just launched so we'll see what happens down the road. They gave us a statement saying, hey, the risks and negative aspects of this lifestyle are documented. We're not just glorifying it but at the same time they put out another statement saying, you know what, the explorers of old were seen as the renegades back then but sell evacuate kind of celebrate celebrate celebrating these guys as this generation's explorers. I'm not a lawyer but playing one on TV. We got a lawyer here I forget sometimes. What say you? I think it would be tough to hold them responsible. If these people are going out doing this on their own, sponsored by red bull, if red bull is actually, for example, if red bull had a camera person there, that person is trespassing too but in most of these cases they'll be using their own goproper or something like that I think it will be tough to hold them legally responsible. A lot of these explorers have a long arrest record for trespassing. All right, T.J., Dan, thank you. Big calories. Some of the best restaurant chains and the 26 winners of the extreme eating awards given out to the top menu items that hit more than -- they pack more than a day's worth of calories and fat into a single meal. Oh, my gosh. Dr. Jen Ashton wants to weigh in. We want to get to flossing in a moment and you have to floss after eating some of these meals. They are the winners but these are some real losers. Saying winners, robin so here's the list, I feel like I'm receipting the academy awards. Dessert, Buffalo wild wings' dessert nachos weighs in at 2100 calories then cheesecake factory' fried chicken and waffles Benedict. Why not put two high calorie dishes together, 2580 and uno pizzeria and grill's whole hog burger. 2850 calories. Obviously this exceeds the amount that an average person should eat in the entire day. It's 2,000 calories a day, correct? It's weight and activity dependent but not 2,000 calories a day for us at our weight so this is definitely extreme eating. Is there any nutritional justification for having any of these items on the menu. So kind of you. Just trying to play devil's advocate. Nope. But we have to remember that -- How did I know she would say that. These restaurants are in the business of selling food and they wouldn't have these things on the menu if customers didn't buy them. We did reach out to these chains, by the way and point out they all have healthier options on their anyomenu and these are in theory made to be shared with four other people. I'll share with my friends at the table. We have to ask you this about the new -- Amy brought it to us -- federal guidelines. Flossing is overrated. Unnecessary. We've been told it's now unnecessary. No benefits. Come on. I'm a horrible flosser but, again, it comes down to risk versus benefit so dentists are going to still say do it because gum disease is a major problem. And it's a low risk activity but do we need to evaluate the evidence? Absolutely. Look at Dan's face. Dan, have you been flossing for nothing. I'm obsessed with flossing. I mean the fact that you're now telling me it may not make a difference, the amount of time and floss I have wasted over the years on this. I am not surprised that Dan is obsessed with it. Horrible. More trips to the dentist for me. I'm going to dig into these. I don't buy it. All right. Thank you, guys. Want to thank Dan and Dr. Jen and T.J. As always.

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{"duration":"7:05","description":"The \"GMA\" team and insiders analyze some of the biggest stories trending this morning.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"41062664","title":"New York Governor Restricts Registered Sex Offenders From Playing Pokemon Go","url":"/GMA/video/york-governor-restricts-registered-sex-offenders-playing-pokemon-41062664"}