Anthony Weiner Calls Voter a 'Jackass'

New York mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner loses his temper while campaigning in Brooklyn.
2:09 | 09/05/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Anthony Weiner Calls Voter a 'Jackass'
anthony weiner, back in the spotlight as he struggles in the new york mayor race. This time, a camera caught him exchanging insults, nose-to-nose with a voter. Linsey davis has the story. Reporter: With a mouth full of sweets, anthony weiner found a way to give a voter a tongue-lashing on wednesday. That's courage. That's courage. The heated exchange took place inside a brooklyn bakery. After the voter said he was, quote, married to an arab. You're my judge? You're my judge? What rabbi told you that? Just stay out of the public eye. Reporter: Wednesday's verbal volley, the final straw for a campaign already in freefall. Just 7% of voters here now support the one-time front-runner, after he made national headlines, admitting he continued sexting with women, even after resigning from congress in 2011, when he was exposed for doing the same thing. You're a bad example for the people. That's your judgment? No. It's obvious. I'm not running for office. Ask who can judge me? I'm not judging you. I'm telling you -- that's judging me. Don't be in public. Go home and get a job. Reporter: In other words, not the job of new york city mayor. You need to deliver for yourself. I delivered for this community. Take care, buddy. Nice talking to you. Reporter: Later, when a twitter follower accused him of having a meltdown, weiner fired back. If by meltdown, you mean stood up to a heck kerr, yep. The comments were about his wife, houma. She has not been seen since her initial appearance with him at the press conference. Pry pair day just five days away. And noting, yesterday was anthony weiner's birthday. Okay. He's way behind right now. I wouldn't call that a meltdown. Yeah. Thank you, linsey. Now, to a consumer alert for

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{"id":20162426,"title":"Anthony Weiner Calls Voter a 'Jackass'","duration":"2:09","description":"New York mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner loses his temper while campaigning in Brooklyn.","url":"/GMA/video/yorks-anthony-weiner-loses-temper-brooklyn-bakery-calls-20162426","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}