Young Animal Wrangler, 3, Ignites Online Controversy

Australian boy's father says he is safe wrangling crocodiles and boa constrictors.
2:05 | 01/22/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Young Animal Wrangler, 3, Ignites Online Controversy
He's built -- Australia's youngest wildlife ranger three year old Charlie Parker all jazzed up about reptiles. Big ones learning the family business -- -- wildlife park down under and these photos. Had just turned him into an international and controversial sensation. -- battles. His best friend since he was to Pablo an eight foot long boa constrictor that weighs more than he does. It could kill him in an instant. Still this toddler is fearless even practicing with young alligators. Watch as he takes a dip with the Gator called golf wrestling with him cradling him shocking images to some but Charlie's dad couldn't be prouder. He can be an ambassador for conservation and and animal welfare and -- I think it's great for everybody but. Is he simply too young for this kind of risky contacted wild dangerous potentially deadly animals. What children wild animals as exotic it makes you -- trade -- animal never tame a wild animal. Last year the head of the gorilla conservation group shocked the public when he released these videos of his then eighteen month old daughter. Playing and heading a 300 pound gorilla. And the legendary Steve Irwin drew heavy public criticism -- holding his young son to close to a twelve foot crocodile. But like -- young daughter -- who followed in her dad's intrepid puts that today -- Pat -- change. Little Charlie has been taught a healthy respect for the danger involved here he watches his older brother Peter crocodile from a safe distance listen to him -- be careful. It. You're jeopardizing yourself. Others around you at that age -- -- he's done correctly it healthier world it -- done incorrectly then we'll all we hear about it here throughout the world as well. Now clearly this is no ordinary kid from an ordinary family but grim reports of kids dying at the hands of wild animals -- no stranger to the news he may grow -- to be the next Steve Irwin but as we all know accidents often happen when wild animals are involved that said. He is adorable as -- guest Ashley Chris -- very very cute John Lawler thank you so --

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{"id":18283307,"title":"Young Animal Wrangler, 3, Ignites Online Controversy","duration":"2:05","description":"Australian boy's father says he is safe wrangling crocodiles and boa constrictors.","url":"/GMA/video/young-animal-wrangler-ignites-online-controversy-18283307","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}