Two Young Entrepreneurs Go Head-to-Head to Win Over Kevin O'Leary

Eric Mann and Ben Mayberry present their products in the attempt to take home a deal.
3:16 | 05/08/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Two Young Entrepreneurs Go Head-to-Head to Win Over Kevin O'Leary
Outside now for today's "Shark tank your life." We have two entrepreneurs to go head to head to win over Kevin o'leary. We gotta get right to it. First up, Eric Mann. His product will let you make a fashion statement with any outfit this summer. Take it away. Go for it. Hi, shark. How's it going. Our interchangeable sun glasses from sum company. A pair like this, easy enough. Twist them right off, snap on a brand-phew pair. You have yourself gnaw pair of sunglasses. Let's take ate step further. Strip off the face plate. Snap it on just like that. Whaer you dosome summer, make sure that you get sum. I love it. See what the home testers thought. I give this a thumbs up. I want five pairs for each of my kids. I definitely feel like this would be something everybody could use. Thumbs up. Thumbs up there. Now we have Ben Mayberry. His product will make your next paining experience a lot less messy. What do you have, Ben? I'm Ben. Owner inventor of paint handy. The first anti-gravity paint tool. Pour paint into it. Blend it into the surface with your brush or roller. It becomes nonspillable. It holds enough paint for you to get a solid start before refilling. Paint handy is going place, shark, and you should come along. Wow. Okay. Ben, thank you. Let's see what the home testers thought. I'm turning this paint handy product all upside down and every which way. The paint isn't moving. I'm going to give the paint handy a thumbs up. I like that I can move around. I feel a little bit like an artist pip give it a thumbs up. Wow. Four thumbs up. Way to go, Ben. Kevin, what do you think? Both products have merit. No question. Now what I have to look at is size of market. There's a lot more people this summer wearing sun glasses than painting, unfortunately. I'm going the go with Eric. Even though they're fantastic. Ben, that's a cool product. He's going sell a lot more dollar volume. That's what I'm all about. The cash flow. Eric, congratulations. Thank you so much. You're a winner. You go up on the shark tank hall of winners. Also you get a $500 gift card from our sponsor to use toward a small business marketing service. Congratulations. Before we let you go. You have a new show out, "Beyond the tank." Following what happens after the experience on shark tank. On shark tank, we celebrate the deal. They start the journey. "Beyond the tank" shows you how hard it is to run a business in America. It's the highs and lousws. The ups and downs. The challenges the people face after we fund them. It's doing great. You're always doing great. Tune in tonight at 8:00 P.M. Eastern on ABC. Squt beyond the tank" right after. Let's go to rob.

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{"id":30898215,"title":"Two Young Entrepreneurs Go Head-to-Head to Win Over Kevin O'Leary","duration":"3:16","description":"Eric Mann and Ben Mayberry present their products in the attempt to take home a deal. ","url":"/GMA/video/young-entrepreneurs-head-head-win-kevin-oleary-30898215","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}