Youngest 'Best Actress' Nominated for Oscar

Quvenzhane Wallis finds herself among big name actresses in running for an Academy Award
1:55 | 01/12/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Youngest 'Best Actress' Nominated for Oscar
Now, to our "gma" countdown to oscar sunday. Movie history was made when the nominations came out. A little girl lighting up the big screen, becoming the youngest best actors nominee ever. We have to learn how to pronounce this name. Quvenzhane wallis. Chris connelly is in hollywood this morning. Reporter: Quvenzhane wallis. She may be knew to acting. But quvenzhane wallis is becoming accustomed to accepting accolades. Thanks. Reporter: As hushpuppy in the surreal bayou fable "beasts of the southern wild." A 6-year-old quvenzhane makes your heartbeat faster. From dread. From caring. For sheer rapture with her indomitable self. Say I got you. I got you. Reporter: Without a mother. With a desperately ill dad, finding her way amid the squalor, chaos and community of a louisiana outpost called the bathtub, before and after a flood of epic proportions. The water's going to rise up so high. Reporter: Quvenzhane had never acted professionally before auditioning for the film. I was kind of nervous. I was too young. I lied on the sheet. I think my mom put 6. Reporter: Director benh zeitlin, an oscar nominee, spotted her magic and picked her to play hushpuppy, over some 4,000 other children. The crab is awake. How am I going to do this with this enormous script? And it's kind of hard 'cause i barely knew how to read. Reporter: Hushpuppy's journey, hopeful. Showcases her courage and the fortitude of the actress who plays her. For "good morning america," chris connelly, abc news, los angeles.

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{"id":18197442,"title":"Youngest 'Best Actress' Nominated for Oscar","duration":"1:55","description":"Quvenzhane Wallis finds herself among big name actresses in running for an Academy Award","url":"/GMA/video/youngest-best-actress-nominated-oscar-18197442","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}