Zac Efron Apologizes for Controversial MLK Tweet

Actor apologized to fans who condemned him for writing an insensitive tweet about Martin Luther King.
3:27 | 01/20/16

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Transcript for Zac Efron Apologizes for Controversial MLK Tweet
Sign up for the city atop it headlines this morning an apology from sack out front so the actor posted a tweet on animal payday saying. I'm grateful for Martin Luther King Jr. and ten million followers on its Graham but he also followed it with a raised fist. And appointing figure remotely both in the black skin tone in multi that you have on your iPhone I had no idea there was one elected and. Her social be a backlash the very next day app front deleted the post. And issued an apology saying quote I have nothing but the greatest admiration and respect for doctor king's I realize that last night's post was completely insensitive. I apologize to anyone who won may have offended so sorry. All right well let's speaking of Zack F right here is his best asset. In service. We're getting an eyeful that runs text you see there on the first official trailer park. Neighbors to sorority rising in the sequel to neighbors Seth Rogen and rose by and characters are having a second baby and just when they think the they've has come down mr. Gordon sitting right next. We'll check called content. Good good corn. Neighbors through hits theaters on May twenty a you get to see more exacts its expect out. And Seth Rogen to suppose you could see there. And that at the small screen a big fat dose of retro style OK yes and Netflix has released a teaser of the first Peewee Herman movie. Since 1988 TV's big holidays stars Paul Rubens himself. Meeting with a mysterious stranger who inspires asking me to take its first ever holiday. Just going just about feeding. People leave the public has sixty years old. It's an incredible he still looks like the same on Saturday morning cartoons and dense kiwis big holiday scheduled to debut a Netflix it marks. Here. And yes age over three decades ago OK and speaking of getting up there in here's. And American cultural icon has crossed that's kinda mean. Anyway an American icon us crossed over into her seventh. Decade my gosh this is so hard to believe but how hard and turned seventeen years old yesterday hit country music hall of Famer has been performing professionally. Since 1956. He let her singing career really really took off in 1967. And then came one of her signature song oh this is my favorite from 1973. I mean. Thank you. PE. PE. And his kids but her god daughter Miley Cyrus over the course her career part had. A hundred in ten career charted singles. Eight Grammy Awards 46 Grammy nominations and sold more than a hundred million records worldwide. Try to be back at me to tell this is old media market this.

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{"duration":"3:27","description":"Actor apologized to fans who condemned him for writing an insensitive tweet about Martin Luther King. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"36393012","title":"Zac Efron Apologizes for Controversial MLK Tweet ","url":"/GMA/video/zac-efron-apologizes-controversial-mlk-tweet-36393012"}