Zach Braff Finally Explains Why He Asked Fans to Fund Film 'Wish I Was Here'

Zach Braff talks about "Wish I Was Here" and the Kickstarter campaign that made it happen.
11:22 | 07/18/14

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Transcript for Zach Braff Finally Explains Why He Asked Fans to Fund Film 'Wish I Was Here'
-- -- attendance. Rates. Anthony. And all right -- welcome -- -- have kids and Australia all along you're never gonna get a -- like this. So in a city like LA it's really about what it sounds like Florida hopefuls yes the kids were on Robertson boulevard so there will be no. -- probable stop will there. -- -- Hello everybody I'm Peter Travers and welcome -- popcorn when we tell you what's happening at the movies and the happening right now is a movie called which I was here. Which is a comedy it's a drama it's got a lot of other things in it which is why it was such hell to get it may. Now in order to find out why that was talent how it got made are right I got everybody here the writer that directed produced there. The star and they all happened to be the exact route look at that thanks for applicator that we'll -- weight on your shall yes yes pressure. Pressure if you had only played all the roles as well I know alleged help with craft service and some of the lightning. Get so. What I was trying to say -- that introduction was -- you've made a movie that. In Hollywood terms is really difficult because it's not one thing yes and people here if it's not one thing they get confused -- apple. -- police. Explain. To these people who haven't seen. What wish I was here it is. What is it so it's it's a story -- that your right to so many rules and Hollywood what is it is -- as a family movies and comedies and drama. With Michaels I think what worked with -- -- was that I I just told what I thought was a great story didn't follow the traditional. Screenplay structure it had -- it had drama had a -- of the surreal. And it really worked really resonated with the audience I just told a story that was the things I was thinking about in my twenties. And it resonated and it works. And so -- -- get this film made I was. I thought I'd I'd I'd I'd have you know free -- but I -- -- humbled again to start was trying to tell another story that would fit into a box. I just thought in my head what -- told -- story elected with garden state it will work. But I have the same resistance well we don't know what it is is there's I'm laughing sometimes I've got tears in my eyes sometimes there's a very surreal fantasy element. You know I think is right what is that what do you do it -- I -- I and I. Maybe obviously to. Confidently said well yeah but the work -- -- last time so we're good right and I couldn't find anyone that. Was willing to to finance it without making lots of changes that I did that was willing to make. Hands the -- -- -- kick starter so I went to kick starter to hold on Zuma artistic integrity I knew that I could put in my own money obviously I did that. But I couldn't afford the whole film it's not a small movie for -- scale it's it's got some some scale to -- And so I went to my fans for the first time on on this level. A project was funded on kick starter. Of this size and hoping that over the course of -- month they would buy T shirts. Buy tickets early queuing means screens in the movie. Come visit the set all sorts of things that I could offer them to say hey. If you buy teacher if you come -- the said if you -- That will fund the movie and -- extra money you could get a small part ET they ought featured extras they were actors in the movie 111. Woman had a line. Anything I think it's our -- -- your outgoing message -- propose to your wife I. I ice signed anything in the world that can be signed I -- myself Peter. I haven't I'm proud of I -- I'm I'm I'm I'm literally -- like a thousand outgoing messages on people's voice now. Elect an Emmy behaved Barry's -- -- Zach -- here leave a message I mean I did anything and everything it -- And between that money and my own money we made this film on my own terms and I was able -- retain final cut and and hold on to my artistic integrity. And it hit very short period of it that in 48 hours we had a month it funded and 48 hours. You've been criticize. Yet the idea is pay the -- nine seasons of scraps. So you must have millions right did you go to the people what what would -- because I I I do helpful money and I have me I was racing didn't bring -- with I'll give -- He smuggled out but. Again if I had if I had written something very small much smaller -- -- a million dollar movie of course I could've afforded my own. What we -- was. -- scale to it when people see and I hope they will they'll see that. It was five we spent about five and half million dollars and that's not I don't have all that money to spend on film. -- the lunch budget on transform a half cocked. So I one day I was is so -- that idea was to and it it's also engage it was kind of I saw it I know people criticized it. But a lot of their critique was was unfounded another critique was that somehow -- kick starter. The CEO -- came out and said recently just in the New York Times I'm on this past Sunday but that's actually be quite opposite was true -- created a halo effect. And when when when high profile projects are brought in to kick -- people marcher marshaled their entire fan base there. And those people not only state that they -- -- -- other projects. And that's that's the truth in the fact so I think there was some misinformation and and today's interwebs it cuts bond and so I had to -- a little explaining. Anybody that's here in New York that wants to see Broadway -- -- have a really good time Zach is also doing. Eight shows a week in woody Allen's Bullets Over Broadway musical -- And what I think the reason it's germane to what we're sticking to arming his that the playwright that Europe I think in this community. Has got the mob after him and the mob is to me has always been I won't say names but studio -- well it's. Very clearly for the you know in the movie it's very clearly. Who would -- you know. It's. You know term paper on on corporate involvement in his art -- the metaphor is pretty clear you know that he uses -- -- in its place. But it is so -- and bizarre that I'm that I'm playing a neurotic Jewish playwright who is dying to not compromise for his art it shows that we can get the same teams that -- -- all of this happened yeah we -- start. Okay -- what I saw you are original kick start thing and you're sitting there you're telling people what it's about. And you're trying to talk and you get interrupted. Jim Parsons and throughout -- you. Donald face on -- got interrupted. -- I've tried to get this across but at least let's start this discussion of which -- was here with the character with me. Who is this. He's armed. He -- 88 million eggs 35 year old man who his -- the all the things he thought he'd be have not happened he does have a loving wife and two kids. But he's going after his dream still and not having any success and his wife is is is working her butt off being the breadwinner for the family. And he's just become completely -- -- from his family. Narcissistic and completely. Self centered on making his dream come true and and and it's become check out from his family. And it it takes a crisis in the Stanley to sort of snapped him back into reality. Of I have to be. I have to learn how to be present in my life now. I have to -- after each show up for my family from my children -- mind. From my wife and and I have to reconcile how long I'm allowed to hold on to my dream -- that other people in this movie -- Kate Hudson who's doing. An incredibly good job. Was it hard I mean we did you have to convince these actors and all the actors look the scrutiny particularly -- the -- more than my -- I mean -- -- films as you know and anyone. Small personal. It's family stories you can't get them meet these days it's -- impossible and so when you give that's why all these actors are tiptoeing through cable television. So when you give of -- -- and police think that's why nothing Clive Owens on TV show I mean. It's insane but it's happening because there departures -- are just trying out for -- actor rolls. So when you give -- -- -- to -- script like this to -- the tankan and and shall give in this part. And Kate Hudson in Tashkent these people -- -- instantly because. No one can get. You know to -- It's very hard to get juicy good media actor roles for them. And -- magnificent -- iPhone -- -- and almost famous I said doorway when this I said look. No glam squad I want your your real hair has will make -- this possible we're gonna share trailer most taxes which rates Wednesday night and dear to her credit she just loved the role and she said there whenever whenever -- is -- Question I want to ask you as a major fan of your first movie guards to. Why is it. Ten years. For you to come back I know you're still doing so I'd rather -- I was doing scrubs and I had that obstacle course I mean that was it wasn't like it was doing nothing I was doing jobs and and I and I had to try -- put these together. Within the hiatus is -- -- -- of scrubs like this hate word no but it's gonna use it and I love you get your vocabulary but in my. So. And then and then and then it's all it's it's all the reasons that I said when talking about -- and I couldn't get -- film -- I. I actual course could've gone and -- -- commercial romantic comedy. Something commercial. But in order to hold on to. My artistic integrity and in what I wanted to put my name on. I I I think I couldn't get any of those films made the very first thing I try to do was adapt a Danish film but -- -- -- -- -- -- this -- -- -- an -- -- yes. The film you know you think this comes targeting me -- getting a Danish tragedy. Made. And I spent a lot of years making that one point had -- -- attached at one point had Michelle Williams attached and you know little by little. It happens then falls apart -- the story of Hollywood. And I'm gone -- other things and they would come together and -- of -- on location scout in Atlanta getting ready to shoot. Finally shoot a film and I lost my my move I got a phone call that my movie star way had been taken another -- -- slugs like wells was -- should stop location scouting. So it's. If you're going to put the filters on that I'm only gonna make something that that I believe in that I stand behind that and I'm willing to put my name on. Not just some. Schlock then then you have to fight and it could take a decade but I finally did you get with the couple months hence we end the show always it's. A couple days and believe -- -- -- -- -- -- and I'm sitting. Non top of the world I am rolling alone -- rolling alone. And if you want to hear more that the -- Go to Bullets Over Broadway the music god to saint James. You tell you what you've admitted that they -- -- -- felt it was -- It was great -- -- thank you thank you David thank you.

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{"duration":"11:22","description":"Zach Braff talks about \"Wish I Was Here\" and the Kickstarter campaign that made it happen.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"24620202","title":"Zach Braff Finally Explains Why He Asked Fans to Fund Film 'Wish I Was Here'","url":"/GMA/video/zach-braffs-kickstarter-funded-film-24620202"}