Prosecutor 'Prayed' for Zimmerman to Testify

Lawyers suggest George Zimmerman was a coward for not taking the stand in his own defense.
2:41 | 07/15/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Prosecutor 'Prayed' for Zimmerman to Testify
bring in abc's matt gutman in sanford, florida, covering the trial from the start. You sat down with the prosecutors. Their only interview since the verdict. Reporter: That's right, george, it was their first time talking one on one in 16 months since they got the case and despite aquital they still believe george zimmerman profiled, shot and murdered trayvon martin in cold blood and this morning, george zimmerman is again a mystery man. He's in hiding with his family, we're told possibly out of the state of florida. We the jury find george zimmerman not guilty. Reporter: Abc news learned shortly after george zimmerman was acquitted of second degree murder -- you have no further visits with court. Reporter: They removed the tracking device from his ankle allowing him to quietly slip out the door into hiding. Zimmerman will get his pistol back and say he feels he needs it more than ever to protect himself. Overnight in an exclusive interview prosecutors scoffed at that idea. Better be careful. Better be the right circumstances. The law allows an awful lot of people to carry guns. That doesn't mean any all should. Reporter: Suggesting the 29-year-old was a coward for not taking the stand in his own defense. I pray that he would have the courage to take the stand but as we all well know, he's got the right not to and he made that decision. He was afraid to take the stand. The proof is in the pudding. Did he take the tan? Reporter: While prosecutors say they respect the jury's decision, they told abc news what they thought really happened that night, that zimmerman pulled his gun when martin tried to get off him killing him in cold blood. Nobody just gets a gun out and shoots. Even trained police officers when they're on the ground with a suspect on top of them, they can't get their guns out that quickly. I think there was a struggle at some point trayvon became aware of the gun and was backing up and george zimmerman shot him. Robert zimmerman told cnn his brother wouldn't have done anything differently. What you believe to be right you don't have to go back and make amends for that and say it should have been this way. Reporter: This morning trayvon martin's family says it hopes the country collectively will find a way to heal and change. Just remember trayvon could have been your son, could have been my baby, could have been anyone in america's baby. Reporter: How do you think this would have ended had george zimmerman not had a gun that night? I can tell you how it wouldn't have ended. It wouldn't have ended with a dead 17-year-old kid. Reporter: Now I asked those prosecutors who the star witness was, george zimmerman because he made at least 10 or 15 inconsistent statements. Zimmerman may not have seen last of the courtroom. Trayvon martin's parents are considering civil action against him. Robin.

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{"id":19666524,"title":"Prosecutor 'Prayed' for Zimmerman to Testify","duration":"2:41","description":"Lawyers suggest George Zimmerman was a coward for not taking the stand in his own defense.","url":"/GMA/video/zimmerman-verdict-lawyers-gun-now-19666524","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}