10 Additional Zika Cases Found in Florida Outbreak

Florida Gov. Rick Scott has activated the 'emergency response' team from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to help stem the outbreak.
3:25 | 08/01/16

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Transcript for 10 Additional Zika Cases Found in Florida Outbreak
We just announced this morning on top that four cases we announced on Friday we have ten more cases. As you know to those cases. We're priority and the others were in Miami that we announced on Friday. The all the additional cases are in that one small square Mon geographic area just north of downtown Miami. So we have. The only place where we're seeing now the where we feel like future risk of local transmission. Is seen that one square miles north of downtown. Now we're doing we're doing testing on prostate and no we're doing tests and miscues prostate. We're also testing individuals be tested now by between 300 individuals around the state. And that when geographic area we tests we've now tested about 200 individuals that's how we find from the additional cases. The we have today we ask for the CDC emergence response team that would help with. Collection efforts with lab. We have mosquito control. On top I know. The pair received control Ramsey's talks to each other all the time. She's which is helpful. If the so we've as you know every. Especially department opening relies miscue or we generally well with dengue fever entering the union. When able to basically control the local transmission of those and so we believe. All of us have to work together but we can do the same thing with this. So be saying is no standing water. No standing water and no standing water and then notes anyone. We'll do not know anyone in your house and us and water around your house. These miscues and on this is that. Live long distance. The ways explained to me they're not acting byters. But he that is the risk is that. We estimated troubles here from another country. They bring an active case with them is he invites them and then this. Might say sort it citizen our harvester. If hear the recommendation is if years pregnant or thinking about getting pregnant ArQule BGY and site if everybody would get rid of standing water use bug repellent. He's protecting here then and then would let them ask you Borchardt and be doing and continue to do around state we will be successful. We've allocated twin six point two million dollars and the state budgeted in emergency declaration back in. February for each department has cases of cica. We have just under 400 cases seek interstate from almost all travel related. Deliver fifty of them those individuals. Are pregnant. We've had one case in my specifically. From seek a virus. That was an individual that basic contracted it in another country so as not locally transmitted. Case. In the here we continue to be very successful tourism state we have thirty Maine we've had record tourism every quarter since 22010. And with thirty million record numbers of for square this year we have an announcer second quarter numbers but we'll have record numbers it looks like again. And free TV great for some state because we're we've got very successful State Department health very successful local health departments and very successful. Miscue boards prancing doing it right.

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{"duration":"3:25","description":"Florida Gov. Rick Scott has activated the 'emergency response' team from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to help stem the outbreak.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"41047650","title":"10 Additional Zika Cases Found in Florida Outbreak","url":"/Health/video/10-additional-zika-cases-found-florida-outbreak-41047650"}