10% Happier Road Trip: Meditation and PTSD

ABC News' Dan Harris and meditation teacher Jeff Warren talk with Virginia Military Institute professors about PTSD and the benefits of meditation.
5:49 | 01/25/17

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Transcript for 10% Happier Road Trip: Meditation and PTSD
This M interest in Beverly said about the post traumatic stress disorder known some of the research that showing there. And I'm wondering if you've had you know through here has been more anymore discussions around matter happened and how you how you think what that piece. That's a great question and in our. In the mind from this class. We we talk about different populations that could benefit and so we spend. A fair amount of time with post traumatic stress what it is. And Howell the application of my illness. Four that. That diagnosis. And it's certainly. That pet deaths in. I would ten most all cadets are aware of post dramatic. We've had in the past. Veterans return. Being. Re redeployed from PMI so. It's it's on people's mind not so much now but certainly. 78. Years ago so again. They know it and some have that experience to. Yeah Aaron I'm just how do you think and it helps when you think is going on in the meditation itself that. Actually can make a difference I have some thoughts Toobin underscoring how you frame it. A so. In terms of that signs and symptoms of that post traumatic stress disorder. It allows that individual. To become present debt. Two B is to come. It's become still present aware of us a small thing as the breath. And changed. That mindset of that individual who it is. It is. It. Talons with post traumatic so I think it's it's. Switching the channel so to speak. And the switch in the mindset of you know the video of being. Back in conflict and and me lysine you know I'm here. I have my breath. I'm. I'm okay. So I think that that's certainly the the first and immediate thing that happens. And then. Again. In terms of being more relaxed. Lesser reacted. In terms of their emotions. Kind of dampening down loan that. And and I guess the highs and the lows. Kind of bringing those together. So I think that that's. Certainly. Aren't. Benefits that. Have been out there and that soldiers have had used the. Now it's amazing because you can. Apply after the fact after they've been in combat they had those experiences but it also client before the fact. You can begin to do that training which prepares you in the terms of the resilience. And at absolutely absolutely and I guess that's the beauty of that. In terms of deployment redeployment. But and everybody has the capability. Of of of doing business there in terms of breeding and and med meditating. That. It's the practice that is challenging. And and also missed there's based researcher looking at how. Meditation practice and soldiers pre deployment can teach them skills aren't as and so that. They are. That's affecting things ways afterwards. One issued its product then there's. Military options stress inoculation but put units restorations and deplete its. Kind of resources you need to low interest deal with stress and then and you go out near here depleted and handset situation if you combine. Meditation practice mine the mental fitness component. In an act as a buffer and helps you so you can benefit as much as possible from that stress inoculation that that can be viable. But also you've mutual classes resources. Hopefully you don't get that it. And so you see that resilience building up and and in using it in your students and yeah and it it'll be exciting to take a look at. That student evaluations were. In came back to that they are using this practice Islam from their from their cores. We have. A member of the rifle team and she uses it. That during her her. Rifle. Team practice but also in competition so. Yeah we're seeing it being being used and we talk about his many. Many seconds swear if they have to go in and Steve the comet on its four may be had to marry a tour. Our punishment. That again they have their breath they have that that presence of breathing 35 times going in and and having a more productive. Conversation with someone who's handing out. Punishment or demand.

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{"duration":"5:49","description":"ABC News' Dan Harris and meditation teacher Jeff Warren talk with Virginia Military Institute professors about PTSD and the benefits of meditation.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"45040899","title":"10% Happier Road Trip: Meditation and PTSD","url":"/Health/video/10-happier-meditation-ptsd-45040899"}