ABC News correspondent speaks out after testing positive for COVID-19

Kaylee Hartung was on assignment in Seattle covering the first outbreak of the coronavirus and tested positive for the virus.
6:08 | 03/19/20

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Transcript for ABC News correspondent speaks out after testing positive for COVID-19
Although there are already more than 7000 confirmed cases of corona virus here in the US. More than 100 of those people have already recovered ABC news has heard from some of the Americans who were tested and talked about their experiences what they've been like so far. Including from one of our own. Teacher asking I have to tell me I'm going to be test and those results are gonna take five to seven days. He'll take the test here thanks to go to a pregnant lasting process. It's content cuddle photos. Quarantine time has. I feast on my doctor. And this. Told him about my symptoms they asked me. If I'd been to any of the countries are hybrids here in China and Korea and as of now. They asked me if I had been in contact with anyone who was a confirmed case for carruthers. And I also know it feels very much to me like I have a mild flu. And I know that. Is going too. Your senses are gonna differ from person to person the severity different differ from person to person. And I think in sort of breath Mona. You know it a little. Felt like just come ha bring it here in my name. When credit area. And I not. Marching past my husband's taken into the emergency room because I felt horrible implemented Dakota nineteen tests on mercy. They didn't get that back until March 11. I was positive I have no idea weren't picked this you know it's a little scary but you know internationals from whom human. I'm definitely getting healthier and. And happy restaurant are my symptoms and a lot and we're asking that they came artists I drive costs. I was led them to a fever and this extreme fatigue it's. In my body just knew something was different so it's very different than anything that ever looked elsewhere once I got the results aren't Saturday at the you know doctor Teresa Twomey there's no way to treat addicts. They're treating the symptoms so if you have. No shorts and brasserie like that go to the hospital but I wouldn't matter really just yet in your sample west water and grass to mainstay until the moment is. Pretty bad headache I think teak and I'm hoping to turn the corner and then it gets better and it's he's getting better and so far it sounds like it soon. Fingers crossed that and yes remember Rihanna just look how preacher. Certainly some positive news to see people who have already turned the corner in joining us now is ABC news correspondent Caylee heart Tung who was covering the first outbreak of the corona virus in Seattle. And is now tested positive for the virus Caylee first law how are you feeling. Flu being Lindsay IA and feeling so much better. Think mrs. And this sort of sickness that really took me out frayed today but otherwise. All of the symptoms I felt worse things that I I would push through any other town in my life I would have said I'm fine I'm run down I need to arrest but I can. I can push their on the back end and now I know that's that's not an option. For me right now. And the people we just heard from so they didn't know quality came in contact with her how they might have contracted the virus and your unfortunately in the same situation. Yes Friday I was in Seattle for a week reporting for ABC and and we were in close proximity to life care that nursing home more we know so many. People have died with the virus but I don't. Knows who I keying in direct contact with who is since tested positive for the virus we felt like we were. Careful taking precautions regularly washing her hands saying it seek distances but. But apparently it it wasn't enough let's talk about testing it's been an issue for so many you've described a feeling of a guilt for being able to get access to detest you know doctors told you initially. That you didn't need one of first. Yeah we're seeing we'll know at this point bit that there's a shortage attacked skits that. Full of the people who want to get tested it can't get tested. People with symptoms like mine are being told don't go to the emergency room don't get tested you won't get my need to be seen for people who worrying. Much more are in severe circumstances. Well in my case I it. Followed the protocol there were all told to follow which is when you start experiencing symptoms. It's a calling her health care provider and when I did that base and it just as you just as you said that. That I couldn't get attached to my symptoms were too mild but I told them right then I told them that I'd been in Kirkland Washington really that prisoner of of this outbreak. In the U act send ten minutes later while I was feeling defeated in and really confused it and what to do next. My health care provider call back in that actually upon further review of your case but 'cause of where you bank we do want to testy. So I certainly I'm one of those lucky unlucky ones who actually was able to get it tested. Its. Tested to determine that what I'm feeling is in fact. Crude buyers and that's why it's so important for me to add to share my story ended Sharon I've experienced. So they anyone. Who's feeling like me who can't get a test can have a bit of a reality check to say these mild symptoms. Things that you would pass off any other time like a runny nose and congestion in. Headache body aches. The Simpsons actually equal crooner virus you don't have to have that dry cough where the shortness of breath you don't have to be suffering from severe respiratory. Symptoms check to have this virus and Ned you know as of right now there's no cure what are doctors recommending. Beyond staying at home to get better. Yeah this right here me and my house by myself. And hydration and rest that's all that's all they say to do just let time pass all right Caylee her tongue thank you feel better. And we appreciate taken time to talk to us.

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{"duration":"6:08","description":"Kaylee Hartung was on assignment in Seattle covering the first outbreak of the coronavirus and tested positive for the virus.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"69678589","title":"ABC News correspondent speaks out after testing positive for COVID-19","url":"/Health/video/abc-news-correspondent-speaks-testing-positive-covid-19-69678589"}