Alabama Baby Survives Flesh-Eating Bacteria

Korbin Kennedy still has to undergo a skin graft where flesh was removed.
3:00 | 11/14/12

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Transcript for Alabama Baby Survives Flesh-Eating Bacteria
-- -- -- life is filled with Turks near even more for the -- to marked the first infection every day and the first novel without loans gallons or two groups. Look to the doctor and screamed at -- -- and stepped up and down and after I don't abstract but on and in every day it's been. Corbett even joined them for a big announcement from -- hospitals Cincinnati. Skiing yesterday. Admitted yesterday. That we check it tomorrow to see you -- -- and -- tight -- Hours later Friday that and that's not advocate is there they're right. And that will be an actual kidnappers don't I don't -- The -- cover the area we're tissue and skin containing a flesh eating bacteria was removed according to the Centers for Disease Control flesh eating bacteria is especially Briere. Especially when caused by staff hours and -- its case. The family -- a long barb punctured children's and Alabama may have caused at the hospital issued a statement saying quote. Our thoughts and prayers are of course that the only in the health and well -- of our patients. It's our utmost priority children's of Alabama followed Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines to prevent the spread of infection within our facility. Like day and -- Rests on what. Think he's aren't really focused on their miracle baby he's now among the 7% to sometime this type of infection. Wherever else -- He's been italics here is are well. Support.

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{"id":17717756,"title":"Alabama Baby Survives Flesh-Eating Bacteria","duration":"3:00","description":"Korbin Kennedy still has to undergo a skin graft where flesh was removed.","url":"/Health/video/alabama-baby-survives-flesh-eating-bacteria-17717756","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}