'All of Me': Trailer

A story of love (weight) loss and last resorts.
2:15 | 06/12/13

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Transcript for 'All of Me': Trailer
We came together as fat women and we have -- It's camaraderie we did a lot together. Her own mind there. Okay. Whenever I see when India was okay but I'm 400 -- mountain. We -- Jesse -- weight loss surgery the only thing that even mean to sign Grant -- comfortable and content in. Not such a Yo-Yo Dieter. The weight loss surgery sleepless night last resort and it was kind of on and on Alan Whitney got an uncaring god and I'm -- got it. We came together -- women and now we're getting to be -- women together. I can still be their own -- and be healthy I would be doing that. Back -- the rewards for me losing my weight will be going to back to Disney World and this type of earnings that are. -- personal relationship in which they participate is going to be different after the surgery is done. Why -- was little -- so here I am the grand prize. He's losing the woman that he would come home -- physically. It would be tougher for myself this -- at 400 pounds. Partly as boring and I really change a line. I hope not. Finding -- -- he says to me. So much batters and two blocks away. I'm really best job. These a lot of the -- In this country toward fat people there is this stigma that still is associated with it being a large person in a small society. And I'm gonna have a lot of loose -- Backs the priority is not -- I'm -- look it's to be healthy.

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{"id":19385978,"title":"'All of Me': Trailer","duration":"2:15","description":"A story of love (weight) loss and last resorts.","url":"/Health/video/all-of-me-trailer-19385978","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}