American Doctor Undergoing Treatment After Testing Positive for Ebola

Dr. Kent Brantly came into contact with the deadly virus while treating Ebola patients in Liberia.
5:37 | 07/27/14

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Transcript for American Doctor Undergoing Treatment After Testing Positive for Ebola
Good morning I'm Dan Harris and ABC news digital special report troubling developments. Today in that deadly Ebola outbreak in Africa an American doctor. Has now become -- infected with what may be one of the most feared in deadly viruses on planet earth meanwhile another man with -- Ebola. Was able to board a flight and bring the disease to the largest city. In Africa we get more now from ABC's -- he cannot be in wash. Good morning Dan this is an extremely concerning time for the friends and family and doctor can't Brantley on his blog he calls himself a young Christian doctor putting his faith to work in the world. Now trying to survive a deadly disease. Brantley is pictured here in the head to toe protective gear he wears when treating Ebola patients not an inch of skin exposed. It's not yet known how he contracted the disease despite such precautions. This highly contagious disease has spread to three West African country's more than 600 dead. And now scrambled to halt the disease in Lagos Nigeria the largest city in all of Africa. Health officials say a sick man of -- in -- Tuesday on a plane from Liberia. The other passengers on that flight are being monitored. Doctor Bradley's colleagues that the US based relieve organization samaritans purse. Are calling for more international assistance for the African countries battling Ebola. And calling for prayer for one of their -- In this outbreak 62% of infected people have died. Doctor Brantley is now in isolation and his colleagues say he has a fever and is in intense pain. But at last check they say he was still sitting up and working on his computer. It truly dedicated doctor. -- Indeed buzzing thank you and of course the first thing we think we hear this story is couldn't be a bullet come to this country so. Let's get some more on that from ABC's doctor Richard investor who has reportedly. Reported extensively on a bola. Before and has it. Track outbreaks across the planet his work with the CDC. Rich good morning thanks for joining us let let's start -- that question is there any chance that. That this could ever come to this country. Really it is possible -- really did this very these great care taken to make sure that that people boarding flights to the United States. Aren't allowed on -- they visibly looks sick -- incubation period for -- can be to three weeks. So it's possible that someone during that incubation period to get on -- plane and then arrive in the United States. The hope is that they be recognized in him in an emergency -- is -- if someone would ask them -- they traveled and then -- -- in -- -- it's possible that -- -- Present you with a -- and -- spread it to to a few people before they were recognized and and then put in a safe place. But we haven't safeguards in place here that this spread wouldn't. Wouldn't -- to use an Internet term go truly viral. Yeah we were it would really concerns me -- in that story is that someone who allowed him get on a plane. In Liberia and and flight to Nigeria and it's it's felt like he was already sickened -- Tammy got on on the plane. So there may not be as many controls. In into some of these countries as we have with with people flying to the United States. Let's talk about this case of doctor Brantley. Who quite amazingly sitting up and working on a computer even -- -- -- -- Ebola. How would he be able to contract the virus given all the protect their protective gear that we see him wearing. In in in pictures of him at work. Well ELA it may be surprising bit -- Ebola outbreaks one of the groups -- that highest risk of getting into these are health care workers. And the reason for that is that -- doesn't spreading easily person to person it doesn't spread through the air like measles or the flu. And so it's people who -- taking care. Six. Individuals who are at greatest risk and that's health care workers. These two years that you see him wearing is very uncomfortable I wore that when I was on the immutable awards in Uganda. And you can only -- in the air for about fifteen to twenty minutes or -- you overheat you can get dehydrated. And people who are wearing -- here every day. Yeah MBE you have to worry that there and that they're letting up on some of those precautions they can be quite dangerous. As they get a little more used to dealing with people who have this deadly virus. And given that -- get that this survival rate now is -- about 40%. How would you feel about the his odds especially given that we I think we can fairly assume that -- he was in good health going into this. The you know it's very hard to predict who's gonna do well and who's not there -- there's not a lot identified in terms of risk factors for. For bad outcome from from Ebola hopefully you know is it what you do in terms of -- there's no drug to treat the virus is no vaccine. And so if you losing fluid that give him fluid they'll give him things to manage through this fever. And then it's just just hoping that his immune system will be able to fight -- off. We're sending him our best this morning and death thanks and our thanks to you -- investor really appreciate your time. And a reminder -- -- ABC news for the latest developments on this story and everything else. Going on across the world were online 24/7 of course -- And tonight. My colleague David -- have the latest on world news for now I'm Dan Harris have a great day.

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{"duration":"5:37","description":"Dr. Kent Brantly came into contact with the deadly virus while treating Ebola patients in Liberia.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"24731641","title":"American Doctor Undergoing Treatment After Testing Positive for Ebola","url":"/Health/video/american-doctor-undergoing-treatment-testing-positive-ebola-24731641"}