How antibiotics mess with your gut

Inside Science looks at the possible effects of antibiotics on the human gut.
3:13 | 02/07/19

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Transcript for How antibiotics mess with your gut
Our bodies are full of bacteria and other microbes known collectively as the human microbe bio and while it may seem DT most of those microbes aren't our enemies in fact we need them to stay healthy. Inside science. Everyone develops their own unique mix of Mike -- species starting with the ones they are exposed to during birth. Over time those microbial communities can shares were better. Or worse each buses changed app market bonds are whenever the cost ally times. And we continues change them often thinks we can control like how for example. The changing nature of our micro finance me give us a chance to fix things when they go wrong. But it also makes it possible to messed things up for example when we take antibiotics. Say antibiotics have a huge impact on the development and its partner time. Whereas in contrast vaccines which a lot of parents Marita asked if they have an impact on the market by an admiral and says hold its undertakes. Knight described the changes in one child whose Michael Klein was tested every week for the first two and a half years of life. Limits of its products and you know infections because of rapid progression of the market and doing months regional developments. And just a few weeks. And the next happens to homes and businesses and bounced back. They're just a few weeks reason. Before going nuts to normal development crisis that doesn't happen for every. And the chief of some different people respond completely differently spent yes. And when trying to find out why some children Summers and some adults parents in the resilient. Current levels of the times. So how can you keep your micro Bynum healthy besides avoiding antibiotics to take him essence for consumers right now. It is but this lot of things. He should do an immensely sensitive arms also told you should know you should see right so he should be due vegetables. Especially in a range of convinced. Rules I think it's really reaching might provide. I use of these a lot of fiber especially as the partner can beat estimates by the charge some day researchers may even offer more customized advice based on each person's unique microbial communities. Things that finding my. This ministry different one passes and another and most of us have a huge impact on which we. It's. And there's some over patent fields future as not distributes generic and class and give you various supplies on the that program in the Olympics site. Nations and from Minneapolis. You please in track. What I have against the instant Erin individuals being you see them to be able to cut its new model. And it's easy sights. Okay. Inside sign. You in doing this. Follows on the planet social media. How did not do you scared yeah. It's speed collision is under.

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{"duration":"3:13","description":"Inside Science looks at the possible effects of antibiotics on the human gut.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"60909938","title":"How antibiotics mess with your gut","url":"/Health/video/antibiotics-mess-gut-60909938"}