Armless Baby Receives Prosthetic Limbs

Generous community in Spokane, Wash., helps 9-month-old Jameson get his first prostheses.
1:39 | 01/17/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Armless Baby Receives Prosthetic Limbs
Nine months old baby Jamison is reaching milestones. -- smiling about first words. His -- and now his first set and arms. We couldn't ask for anymore. Are being Jamison was born without arms doctors can't explain why. His parents -- broke are now on a mission to give him the very best life possible and it starts with these these are prototype. Arms one of a kind. And -- remains especially for Jamison -- first -- the -- to Stanley in November at the time -- raising 25000. Dollars for Jamison his first prosthetics. The little boy. Wrote us a letter saying that you might give five dollar -- -- of his piggy bank. Soon they had enough to travel to Portland where a team of specialists worked round the clock getting Jamison arms just right it says. Amazing that you'll see him my call this in his own map you know -- far we would have to hold. The toll nearing T that are now he can. His new arms also help with hand eye coordination distance and -- debt Jamison is a growing boy his arms only to grow with them. -- and -- need a new pair of mile electric prosthetics next fall my electric means the there'll be. The prosthesis will pick up on electrical charges in his muscles that pair will cost between fifty and a 100000. Dollars. A hefty price -- Clearly worth every single penny. Third can be.

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{"id":18238352,"title":"Armless Baby Receives Prosthetic Limbs","duration":"1:39","description":"Generous community in Spokane, Wash., helps 9-month-old Jameson get his first prostheses.","url":"/Health/video/armless-baby-receives-prosthetic-limbs-18238352","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}