The Basics of Breastfeeding For Moms

Sara Haines visits Yummy Mummy, a lactation one stop shop in NYC to get all of her questions answered.
14:27 | 02/25/16

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Transcript for The Basics of Breastfeeding For Moms
I am staring teens at ABC digital and as you can see from this bump. Were about to pop so it is time to talk breastfeeding became to be experts yummy mummy I'm here with Amanda Cole. And you're the owner yes. They need to know everything and I this is all news to me. And it's go time you have casings found all the moms who locked into our doors they say just a hole in Atlanta we expect especially and it's the first baby yes so we like to get mature were negated condensed or the product that we feel really make your life. A lot easier why breastfeeding first tell me the obvious thing. Everyone talks about how important breastfeeding is why is bring in so important for the char. So breastfeeding obviously there are lots of bonding benefits when you're sitting there at your baby but it's a medically proven to. Held babies out with reduce cases. Patent throat and ear infections. Pneumonia allergies couldn plan OC don't have to be going to the doctor quite as much you're giving all of those I'm good enterprise to your beanie. And from comments actually shown two reduce that rate breast cancer and ovarian cancer and diabetes. I'm so there really lots of great benefits beyond the bonding dancing with your baby liners when I know there are a lot of different schools of fighting effort to each woman it's into the apple. But heading into one thing I didn't realize is a lot of women told me. It'll harder than anything. There's a lot involved there props which we're gonna get to you exactly it's not always easy. In the AB natural but it's difficult how long should we mingle in or how much pressure should be put on themselves to plan unrest being here in Miami we just want to help you meet your personal best feeding goals you know whether that's one or two weeks to. Wonders you years. Being equipped and having on the information before you go in and deliver really does help but breastfeeding success. Time so we do encourage moms to read about add to talk to their friends press Thad. I'm just to learn the ropes before they going to. Is there one thing most women going out like oops moment will need. Exactly is that I wish someone would told me that it was that easy because I think part of her at all and understanding that it's not going to be that easy. So don't expect it to be so it's eight and then on the else so let down when you when you encounters or overwhelm her grow out yet. OK so I see a lot of stuff going on. Yes we allowed fat short. So I'm as you can see this is not your grandmother's nursing bra we have drama never stepped into a broadly as he never met my grammar that's exactly so this is actually Heidi instruments and me that it has very discrete class. That you can and and that's what Meeks I just learned yes mrs. Meeks and nursing wry little clique in relief exactly OK very discreet. That public. Accountant. Don't have to go into another and be by yourself between your breast feeding. You can just cover your stuff in it and we have special tops out at two help the meat in these and he's OK I. And so it really really have bras like ads. I'm this is one of our most popular apparently super Contra on sleep and Iran and do you happening as a lot of women talk about. When their breastfeeding because there's a lot there yes stuff coming out all the time there we have. Nursing bra on adult right so we say I want and you have one and are in the one in the last. She shipped three. Ideally you have three to start right. And a lot of monsters sleep and it. Reports that aid at leak saying. You know things that happen you've had a baby and it's good to have a rot at least how densely. Range people should expect to spend. On abroad as knowing you'll budgets always have learned. I think you can you can see you again Anderson probably for twenty dollars and that's okay you know for some lunch art. Others have more support. I'm probably going to arm probably in England longer. Exactly okay acts outlet. Yeah that protects the twins needs to be comfortable exactly. What the I'm so then you know another thing that's involved is nursing where I am so these are top and making it easier to tuners in public. I'm so these two have different Beers access this. Only gosh it's like this. This year address. To signal here as. Cute and companies. Invest. That's helpful because one thing people it will means when your breast feeding you are hope to that Beatty should be mobile and to be able have a life. Absolutely take some pressure the money is well absolutely you mean if any successful at it. New life it was before you had a baby so it's important. Ellen you move exactly okay now what's the secret to its knees. My friend Paula said pink top she might have on you feel hot when SPD a one. Time. This is just really cute and happy where. You can Wear out with a card again. It had been saying as to how he'd be secret class or where they don't rock you know how long it would take me to find that this thing. Your days to. Okay. There. There. It. Air and I'll different parts. Now you said openings when we're talking or raji senate when chance at the minimum three. What about these types of things. Eight okay have a ten top even collapse coming over Sherry. These are popularity why air short sleeved. You do things leaking in Poland told me that someone else's the rise mine a rats and an insert and you can be an interesting. With your baby in this dollar in other guy and you. Against its nature and it's okay Democrats. And I know what do you spell that this is getting complex idolized jump ahead if you act now or that actually is here. Super. Which holds you will be. So mime and restore electric show off. But they do laughter we're seeing what goes into this they deserved at least a teacher exactly that I think you're talking at. So that you can and you can movies you can get a good you know sort of you can really analyze and cleanup in the middle and I mean it happened and feed the baby exactly. So concert grade one of the great new development about breast pumps as that they're now covered by the affordable care and love that. A lot of my I'm actually still don't know about the benefit that most moms can get a fully covered press time no cocaine no deductible insurance plan just iron share. If they usually go through I get a prescription you think Allah is okay it depends on your. And use it to go through an in network providers I mean anywhere -- history. Or network with over fifty and it's. If we're on one of your plan to outlasts it's pretty easy to on the paperwork for you. With the number one tip there which and instead just call your insurance and I wherever they are and ask yes again I ate some and he knew that hit and that I was gonna register for you know yet. And so many. Educated and just don't get so overwhelming this it's just overwhelming big don't really going to start to pass that on the one month email Alan mommy called air injuring company Astra. OK I spell out and there are lots of great models and some people say Al but the models that you buy in the store for an apartment dollars. I'm their much better they're actually just the same owner now a lot of the time they will have 1000 west all. And that's you're paying for and that you know you that on your gift registry. But the motors for the ones that you get through insurance the same as the land of ice to take what you can get and then add onto it. Yes so is there and we took out some of the accessories that this is the basic water. I'm you know this is really and you are ridiculous spot Bentley Pippen. So this is one of breast and looked at him by. Compact. Where you get it quickly so knees and we didn't actually things to add that these will be attached. These will be attached to brass in Willie you're actually shall mean when it is at this goes on your bid. That doesn't and it just pumps. It just ponds and I'm. Actually ended his website and it can be extremely overwhelming. About speeding. Up sister are. No light. It's normal spell and another thing you started educate yourself take a deep brat watching YouTube video watching activity out exactly. This is another. We purposefully chose the red. It's because you never want is if you lose it a lot because it's black and mixed and everything house. So is this is hands me. New. And lakes. It EAC. Is let us let us that you can actually put that all you put a packet through okay that you couldn't let go. Okay and he's done two others. Are you picking. It out right thank you parents. You. What am producing milk for the young life your other thing maybe they tasking man. I am. So one we don't question I have about this is there's also talk of you don't want to pump too soon because you're introducing a nipple can take him off the wreck that's so. They generally answer. When you start using your. You pumped right away he did it be music you and you need to get past. You really knew right away. Most lactation consultants will say not contribute to about three weeks OK and just to let them and needy and I think. Sometimes it's helpful to pump still in store milk eggs even if you're not giving it to baby especially through an act where a line store now part of it actually works who are here caretaker is conducted in the past OK yes that's an area. And today there's all different types of bottles. And anti. And gas you know blast past act. I'm certain. But my. So I'm new a lot of people and it's reasonable compared but he easily take the bottle beat the press when it was about. So again. Well just advise you to add to that a eight day in the beginning. We needed to use the bottom because it's going to be much easier. First of its heart but maybe it makes the baby work. Baby's stuck paying makes the need to use his or her job. Eight mile an easier to summon also told me. Don't go in stock up on models before you know on your likes. Try a bottle they like it and then go get more exact same thing hires based. Don't get to it because you're if we'll probably. And being maxed out nine and loser all I've heard of migrants friends. It likes to say the puns never stop different opinion this is my restaurant and the bop B and know the puppy. So these really great helping with proper position. Which is important part of past. This. Waste and where the baby sort of lie there but it really helped support the baby it's a pack. This is in addition she was spinning its use for babies and it's. Okay to do it. OK let me. And then I know this models. That's why else he's just a second cousin when your public is an eight for anything you can swap baby. He introduced her second baby swaddled in S. The degree black parents and you do this is a little pricey she can you put the magic door down and willingness to see that many swap. And then what's the scary foursome went it's ending up keeping track gas and diaries. You know there's lots and but people ash can you do want to look and see how often your baby's name. And that. Is it is important. Just eating patterns are patterns that picture. Here probably asked how back. And it. Is anything cabinet ask you because I don't know when I don't know that's important is that when hospital if it's important to you US would let the people hospital. If there's lactation. Its path in the past advocate. And asked to see that purses that you know obviously class act. OK you can practice of okay and the number one thing anyways here's just don't pressure yourself. Because it is so he did so good in the benefits are endless for the beady eye for so many women's eighty Phelps. At the backdating go as long as englanders and we really happy happy baby. Whatever you can jail. And so. Is back where it will be. Less of it since I'm happy. Plentiful now. And you never know right now women's individual every baby's differently if thank you so much for the magic and Christine king. A breast feeding here. And you can inch from the tips but people can check out the website they have questions they would see videos nanny mr. cotton. In your insurance and perfect okay thanks Ankiel and Sarah he ABC digital. That was all things breast feeding your welcome. Think you.

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{"duration":"14:27","description":"Sara Haines visits Yummy Mummy, a lactation one stop shop in NYC to get all of her questions answered.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"37196171","title":"The Basics of Breastfeeding For Moms","url":"/Health/video/basics-breastfeeding-moms-37196171"}