Biden: Vaccine donation will help lead the world out of pandemic

Plus, the FDA approves extending shelf life of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, and officials work to boost vaccinations in areas with low rates.
4:10 | 06/10/21

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Transcript for Biden: Vaccine donation will help lead the world out of pandemic
Again a little deeper on the pandemic and the impact of that US vaccine donation let's bring an emergency physician an ABC news medical contributor doctor Gary Sutton. For more on that doctor Sutton thanks so much for being here how significant do you think he's 500 million doses will be to the global fight against cove in nineteen. Carl. Good afternoon and and it is significant and it's important step in the fight against this pandemic has the president stated we have to meet the moment. And right now it is our responsibility given our access and publicity he's effective vaccines to provide help where help is needed. But as I said it's a step in the right direction what was just stated earlier the WHO has estimated that will need approximately eleven. Billion doses to get through this pandemic and right now estimates have us that about 2.5 2.2 five billion doses given around the world so. We have to we have to continue to support this effort and hopefully we'll get some cooperation and participation from our allies. And we often talk about this as a gesture. Related charity gestures something to do to help these other countries in need but. How are these kinds of moves affect us here in the US. Great questions. First and foremost of course we have a moral standards to prevent the loss of lives especially since this vaccine is proving to be so effective. Secondly we want to make sure that hospital infrastructures are not crumbling under the weight of Cody nineteen as we know that leads to economic instability in this global economy. And in the most important point is that decreasing transmission decreases the risk of new variants and you mutations developing which can threaten the effectiveness of our vaccines and safety here at home. And I know the FDA and has approved extended shelf life of the Johnson Johnson vaccine now so what does that mean. And how does that affect the push to get people vaccinated both here in the US and globally. So this is great news I want to remind everyone that federal regulation and shelf life studies happen in real time so it's not it's not news to really hear this from Johnson and Johnson and I expect to hear this from other. The vaccine producers as more time to lapses and more studies are coming in and data is coming in regarding the stability of these vaccines at different temperatures. And of course this means that would improve. Access to communities need it may not have immediate access and pharmacies and he's high levels of refrigeration and freezing temperatures required for vaccines. That Republican Alabama State senator Tommy tuber real tweed in today's saying that he got his color vaccine and that it is safe and effective and free. Alabama has one of the lowest vaccination rates in the country right now so what war can be done to reach areas where there appears to be more hesitancy. So this is a global in his grant issue of trust to be honest with you throughout this pandemic there are many who were rightly concerned and fearful given the fact that there has been the foundation of the year. With an environment of mixed messaging and I think that opportunities like this need to continue to be taken by our leadership to make sure that people understand. The effectiveness and safety of these vaccines and to get messaging from people that they trust and hopefully it stops people from looking at alternative information. That is not based in science I'm I'm hopeful that if we continue to be transparent with this data. And so the brilliance and back to disabuse vaccines that people will come around and get vaccinated. The FDA advisory committees also meeting to discuss giving kids that come in vaccine ages five and up now so what little may be looking for. And what do you think parents need to know at this point. Yes so these are age. And then also something called immunity tenacity which is basically looking at the antibody development after the patient or the person participating. Gets the vaccine. And then lastly efficacy is so I'm hopeful that we'll continue to see these great results that we've seen in the old age groups regarding the safety. Regarding the Immunogen is city and the antibody levels that are appropriate. And then of course efficacy in preventing disease specifically requiring anything requiring hospitalization and of course death. And will probably see more more information as time comes. I'm Dr. Darian southern always great to have you thank you. Thank you.

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{"duration":"4:10","description":"Plus, the FDA approves extending shelf life of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, and officials work to boost vaccinations in areas with low rates.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"78207058","title":"Biden: Vaccine donation will help lead the world out of pandemic","url":"/Health/video/biden-vaccine-donation-lead-world-pandemic-78207058"}