Brotherly Love for Emerson College Trans Man

The fraternity Phi Alpha Tau is raising money for sophomore's "top surgery."
1:13 | 02/27/13

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Transcript for Brotherly Love for Emerson College Trans Man
-- -- -- -- -- -- And any airline and we -- some of the Brothers the the top fraternity Emerson College were reaching out TD day because one of our perspective Brothers is transgender. He was born female but now self identifies as a male. A couple days ago we found -- his fraternity that his insurance deny him the opportunity to get top surgery. I'm so -- and organizations and individuals and organizations are taking it upon ourselves to raise that money for him. We're looking to raise 4000 dollars and we're trying to do you got to the social media campaign. But we want to let people know that it's very different sort of campaign we're trying to run here we're looking to tell a story more so than raise money. I would much rather have a hundred people donate ten dollars and ten people -- hundred dollars. So yes you're dealing with your -- -- with your friends -- a little bit helps. And you know anything from 51015100. -- whatever you can India just. -- -- That is awesome we're trying to tell a story here so please make noise around the world. -- conversations with your family and friends sit down and talk about issues like this and then give them an -- need to -- -- they -- So that's not net yet peace --

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{"id":18613660,"title":"Brotherly Love for Emerson College Trans Man","duration":"1:13","description":"The fraternity Phi Alpha Tau is raising money for sophomore's \"top surgery.\"","url":"/Health/video/brotherly-love-emerson-college-trans-man-18613660","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}