California Teacher's Aide Stops Alleged Kidnapping

Sandra Ferguson describes how she helped keep an 11-year-old girl safe.
1:31 | 10/18/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for California Teacher's Aide Stops Alleged Kidnapping
It would not go shop will. Allegheny I didn't. Generally but. Senator Ferguson should feel like a super woman after stopping the attempted kidnapping of an eleven year old girl on this Antioch street. Sandra was driving to Sutter elementary school Friday morning where she works as a teachers' day which he spotted water for former students sitting in a truck with the middle aged man she looks scared. Centrist sensed something was wrong so she stopped. That's sweet heart attack or at totally blew out my car and already I stature cracked. Sandra told us by phone right then and there her instincts kicked in. I hate it I cartwright at its. Scott block jam. NIR you can't. Car right. The girl wasn't hurt Samper called police she said the suspect made no attempt to run. Police arrested 51 year old sent Tiago Seles are for kidnapping neighbors can't believe it happened get better we have to put that he's my. That's that's McDyess and Sutter elementary principal says Sandra was very brave. I appreciate ray. A guardian Angel at that point and preventing the something terrible from happening. The girl's family has personally think Sandra. Police say the young girl did not know the suspect in Antioch Cornell Bernard ABC 7 NEWS.

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{"duration":"1:31","description":"Sandra Ferguson describes how she helped keep an 11-year-old girl safe.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"34556212","title":"California Teacher's Aide Stops Alleged Kidnapping","url":"/Health/video/california-teachers-aide-stops-alleged-kidnapping-progress-34556212"}