CBO report: 24 million more uninsured by 2026

"View" co-hosts discuss their opinions on the best way to replace the Affordable Care Act.
7:33 | 03/14/17

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Transcript for CBO report: 24 million more uninsured by 2026
So the Congressional Budget Office numbers the CBO KCC that that's what it pains. They gave their report on tropic Paul Ryan's obamacare replacement would die called tried camp. And and the prognosis is grant it would leave 52 million people uninsured by 20/20 six give tax breaks to directs cut into Medicaid. Did trump have different plans when he was running let's watch this. Save Medicare. Medicaid and Social Security without cuts have to do it. Get rid of the fraud get let of the real waste and abuse let's save it. I guess he was joking about that. Seven years to come up with this crazy plan seven years and they still. Don't happen to have a plan. He's what you got a letter from a conservative perspective it's it's not a a free market play and it has all of the regulations that obamacare has built into it. Those are still there that's what drives off the costs of this is a plan that basically says the government the federal government should have a role in subsidizing health care and regulating health care. That is not a conservative plan that is not a pro free market plan so conservatives that's why you have heard of action freedom marks American for prosperity. The likes of but Marc Littman people who are supported by the conservative community are saying reject this plan. Because when when Republicans are up for reelection they're going to be the ones that suffered some modification of Obama can't. That in my opinion takes obamacare which is already about structure and makes it worse costs will go up under this week if. Yeah the rest of us got which thank you for spelling out forever but Becky quick to keep in mind tease yes these are estimates there hypotheticals their projections. And you're wrong about obamacare and 2010 they said that. Twenty ones they projected 21 million would have insurance PM the marketplace but only twelve million did so keep in mind as an independent. But these are estimates at high. Partisan but the reason that the numbers were wrong and off is because insurance companies hiked up. The the premiums. And I don't think President Obama and his team realize that they would do that. But I think that they're the positive for some Republicans is this 300 billion dollar. I'm change in the end what will be the deficit that didn't. Half a billion barrels a small number considering what a white predominantly billion dollars it's your conservative or libertarian you shouldn't be sacrificing. Freedom for those things the fact that there removing them and say. Kind of see a lot of sense to not have them looking for any objected to a mandate instead the federal government should not be the force and should not telling people they absolutely have to have how Russia is now all the sudden they take the net and out but they put this 30% penalty for those two you know about the latest I didn't meet demanding the reason that you need to mandate if all I can I didn't think that mandate because if people choose not to have. Medical care the problem has been low income people an elderly people it'll be carried on their back and they're gonna have to pay more money and if you have a friend why why is it and that doesn't depends on government intervention like this you don't even you don't you know the banana executives are a government. Regulated system because that's how you think when. And you can't win you get car insurance. Everybody likes a car has to have car insurance that is demanding a different guy caught up a restaurant car you might want to put their assurance company has to pay because the bad driver adapt and accept exactly the other thing about this that I don't like now get. Is instead of a subsidy which people are getting through Medicaid yet they help you out they'll give you several thousand to pay the thing right. They giving you what they call a tax credit that that doesn't make any sense to me so I'm having a stroke today after Rachel the end of the had to pay for the strap match at. That does yeah. Take a sitting out and it also goes to the 2% of people that are making more money than anyone else money. This higher Clearwater misting rain now when you look at hospitals and what people are charged in insurance companies in what they're allowed chart I feel like a lot of the racket is buried in there because when you put the hospital and you see that danger charged more can I when I have to eat at number they were targets that I could never have stayed on top of the billing because they were so many right. An ounce retest now Sarah's company. Thank you hospital to charting a more to get the insurance company to cover the persona her mouth take. Some money buried. Like they should fix it all elected to do with the way then and the do is trying to throw so many people Arnold to town industry does not about. Elderly 290 right now the system it it in many and many. Cases it's broken you look at small businesses that are struggling and families that are struggling. I have family members one's a physician he's like people are insured but they can't afford to come see me because the deductibles are so high. Another famine members of small business owner. He wants to grow his business but if he does over fifty people then he's required to give them health care whereas before or. Before the affordable health care act he was able to provide all of his employees all the employees Stanley members with really good health care and now be out of get. How he doesn't because the costs were much slower so I had this idea it's you're company again and agree Affordable Care Act. It in most cases and I know I'm gonna get a ton of suites about this in most cases you can buy a plan for under a hundred dollars of my Locke yeah and went over the number of the numbers but you have to look at the stories and pieces in the keep the and a fat and I. Their preferences for. Crumpled to can point to people certainly that are affected negatively but the vast majority of people are now Larry Hulbert. The bathtub and I don't believe they thought I think he would go to the doctor could they may out of there on our either trying to kick well this is a bad Clinton but there they also a member of lot of people lost their doctors a lot of people lost their plan a lot of people's quality of care has gone down so with the kind of thing happens. This didn't cost a little. And it I don't but the fact remains at 24 million people will be out on the street. Does that number sorry that I detected number Wheaton public debt like -- just to clarify that I I I -- -- -- that number also brings an of people that are not an opt in so it's not what they got their health care cut they're just not gonna be like her includes a lot of people Jack not to have chosen nearly half helped him yeah I wanna ensure I have health care I just your point about car insurance what car insurance exists because they don't want you to be a liability to someone else and the key difference is you don't have to have a client you do have to have a body. And if the federal government tells you define virtue of the yeah. Yeah. Can't overreact does not like you Leslie LA human rights have self help is ultimately I. Did say it that way yeah yeah yeah. Parents guess what we do pay because they get their health insurance by going to the emergency room where they which is extremely expend what and who pays for it went to the taxi near me or that need how can guarantee that if not more companies in the last government really sort of the economy is learning how should that be good court I don't online on the art good luck I. I'm. That's what the free market works because if you aren't company or a business you have to sad that I -- you are we do not work on the hand and make money Rollins lined thing yet though he said insured properties that front line that competition would increase annually in insurance people should you know I their insurance from job to job let the free market would stop about government intervention my processor or shut everybody got. Governor pat yeah.

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