Coronavirus receives official name, COVID-19

ABC News’ Maggie Rulli joins us to explain how the anticipation is building for quarantines to be lifted.
3:19 | 02/12/20

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Transcript for Coronavirus receives official name, COVID-19
Take a look this is what it is come to at one restaurant in Beijing China Chinese state media release this video of a creative system to help keep the corona virus at bay. Servers use that slide to get their take out that's to customers are also using barricades to keep a healthy distance. During the outbreak. And it rotavirus officially now has a new name the World Health Organization dubbed it co bid nineteen. That's short for corona virus disease which was detected last year in 2019. Chinese state media also released this video showing hundreds of trucks spraying disinfectant on the streets in woo young. Which is about 350 miles from Wuhan the epicenter of the outbreak Chinese authorities say the death told continues to climb now topping. 1000 the number of confirmed cases in the country is nearing 50000 meanwhile. Here at home the American evacuees rejoiced earlier today tossing their surgical masks in the air like graduation caps. As it were finally allowed to leave the air force base where they've been quarantined. For two weeks just a moment we're gonna go live to Japan where thousands are still under quarantine the first Maggie ruling gives us the very latest. At the my wrist today given an official name cove in nineteen. It's infected over 43000. And killed more than a thousand people. Nearly all cases in China in the US that thirteen confirmed case of the virus a passenger quarantined on based in Miramar in California has now tested positive but tonight a bright spot nearly 200 Americans under quarantine since flying in from rule on two weeks ago. Are now free to go home. Protective masks tossed in the air in celebration at march air reserve base I'm very grateful and to be cleared him then headed home. And Maggie really joins us now live again from Yokohama Japan where the anticipation is building for that quarantine to be lifted so Maggie give us a sense of how people are doing and what you're observing. A lot of people are saying they want to get past Tom David is sold the week left on this quarantining people on board the general consensus on the Athens that they're trying to hang in there but -- just a couple moments ago we got some alarming numbers. Japanese Health Minister now confirming 39 more cases more passengers. Onboard that ship testing positive. For this new corona virus is numbers are just staggering things like every day more and more cases in addition this time of one quarantine health worker is they've also tested positive for this virus and so a lot of people on board -- and these new numbers come out -- was seen never ending you know that retired couple that we featured we spoke with them quite a bit we got to know them on the ship and they weren't very positive trying to hang in there when her -- thinking that would that fever it was scary they're stuck in that room without access to daylight without access to a lot of information they're waiting on doctors engineers said she was scared she felt helpless I do assured a bit of good news is that says her husband's fever has broke at this point -- -- he still hasn't been tested for the virus to many people are wondering you know what is the actual number onboard this ship we talk about quarantine -- -- and February 19 but the CDC says they can extended for enforcing circumstances so. People just fear of the unknown right now they don't know who's sick or how long they're gonna have to stay on this boat. Now Caine Maggie really thank you very much certainly some daunting information. Without the we're glad it leases his fever has broken at this time.

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{"duration":"3:19","description":"ABC News’ Maggie Rulli joins us to explain how the anticipation is building for quarantines to be lifted.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"68921774","title":"Coronavirus receives official name, COVID-19","url":"/Health/video/coronavirus-receives-official-covid-19-68921774"}