New COVID variant in NYC

A new COVID-19 variant has arrived in New York and an FDA report says the single-dose Johnson & Johnson vaccine is safe ahead of its possible authorization. ABC’s Ike Ejiochi reports.
2:47 | 02/25/21

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Transcript for New COVID variant in NYC
We begin with the pandemic and a new variants of the crime embarrassment found in the New York City area just as we learned that another mutation in California could be resistant to antibodies still the news about the vaccines is encouraging especially the very latest data from Johnson & Johnson. Meanwhile anyone who is going to the gym these days needs teach her a warning from the CDC ABC's -- dots he has all the details from Washington hike good morning. Good morning Kenneth good morning dear Joseph the report about Johnson and Johnson's one shot vaccine. Are very promising 100%. Effective against hospitalizations. And deaths that's been big. Especially at a time when new Berry does found in New York City. This morning US nearing 505000. Deaths from Kobe nineteen with new reports of yet another variant circling around New York City researchers at Columbia and cal tech say they spotted CD cases of the new strains spread across the tristate area. Yet they're not sure if it's more transmissible. As the virus multiplies saluted the efforts to fight it. This morning a new 62 page report from the FDA says Johnson and Johnson's new single dose shot vaccine is safe. And 86%. Effective at preventing severe illness. With a 100% effectiveness against hospitalizations and deaths the report also highlights the vaccines effectiveness against asymptomatic transmission. Preliminary. Analysis. Suggested that vaccine provides a 74%. Protection against asymptomatic disease. Which is important because if you can prevent asymptomatic disease. Then you'll also reduce transmission. If emergency authorization happens this week the company says it could have three to four million doses sent out by next week and less than initial estimates. But add that defies in Modena has promise of enough doses for all Americans by the end of July. And the US can have enough doses for 400 million people by midsummer. Our biggest enemy can eat enormous difference meanwhile new vaccine that the sites popping up across the country believes one in New York opening in Brooklyn on Wednesday. Governor says its largest in the state and can handle 21000. Shots a week. It was horrific. Horrific watching your neighbor died I thank god that today. We're able to get out what vaccine. Now there's a new report from the CDC stressing the need to Wear masks inside the gym. It points to a couple of cases with a virus is at a high attack rate engines. Where people simply just don't Wear masks so the CDC are asking general and owners to please ensure social distancing factor Jim's. Make sure your classes are reduced inside and of course. Mandate those masks make sure they're worn. I could judging ABC news Washington hike good information there thank you.

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{"duration":"2:47","description":"A new COVID-19 variant has arrived in New York and an FDA report says the single-dose Johnson & Johnson vaccine is safe ahead of its possible authorization. ABC’s Ike Ejiochi reports.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"76105057","title":"New COVID variant in NYC","url":"/Health/video/covid-variant-nyc-76105057"}