Disneyland welcomes non-California residents as the state loosens restrictions

Plus, the CDC estimates the delta variant is causing 10% of U.S. cases but vaccine data shows promise.
6:11 | 06/15/21

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Transcript for Disneyland welcomes non-California residents as the state loosens restrictions
California is scaling back its pandemic restrictions it's one of the fourteen states hitting president Biden's goal of at least 70% of adults vaccinated with at least one dose. And this morning we're learning Biden plans to celebrate independence from cold it with the July 4 White House bash. But there are new concerns over the delta variant for those without vaccinations the CDC estimates it now makes up about 10% of current US infections. KB hard time has the latest. This morning the Golden State is back in business no more physical distancing requirements no more caps. And occupancy. Starting today for Californians who are fully vaccinated life is almost back to normal. When grocery shopping going to the gym or a bar you can ditch the mask tonight Dodger Stadium opening up at 100% capacity. Cove rid games are over we're gonna be sold out for the next couple of nights Disney land widening its doors to. And welcoming back out of state dance and dropping its requirement for masks both in an outdoors for fully vaccinated guests with more than 70% of adults in California receding at least one dose. The governor announcing new in senate's handing out six instate dream vacations to try to get shots to those remaining arms. And as the US near 600000. Deaths from Kobe and with more than 300 people still dying every day they need to protect the population is as urgent as ever. Turner's semi death that significantly lower. And it could peak. This crisis. But is still a real tragedy crystal Morgan lost her fifteen year old daughter Dakota just last month. Dakota had no underlying symptoms or illnesses or diseases. And the virus apparent. In less incentives who Allison the first since he finished the symptom. And now new concerns over the delta variant for those unvaccinated the CDC estimating about 10% of current infections in the US due to that theory it. And in the UK right now it's responsible for 90% of cases. But according to two new studies preliminary data shows that the Pfizer and Oxford AstraZeneca vaccines can fight the very. And her more than 90% effective in keeping those fully vaccinated out of the hospital. Says Diana theory Dodger Stadium without capacity limits and no social distancing requirements. They are looking to sell this place out tonight pack it with 50000 fans. But eve for those who are fully vaccinated there are still some places where you do have to Wear masks in hospitals on public transportation and long term care facilities. And indoors K through twelve schools and child care facilities but let me leave you with a warning Diane for those 50000 people who are expected to be here tonight. Come early Diane. I did tip Gary Hart sang thank you. Let's go to position at Stanford children's health doctor looked telkom want all this doctor Patel thanks for being here. It is fourteen state number fourteen states meeting this goal of 70% of adults at least partially vaccinated president Biden was aiming for the whole country to hit that by July 4 so how are we do. All eyes you mentioned word not even halfway there any you look at the actual vaccination rates in this country by Amy we're up three million in April right now or her. Part of that. Is because yes we vaccinated most vulnerable people were eager to get such as out for nationals early but honestly now Diane there is a bit of a slowdown and it you actually look at this state by state data. There's a clear difference. Between. Those Blue States and red states and you know I hate to see this level of vaccine partisanship you already just so's they need greater degree at community level. Conversation and we look to see how he can work together as a country all solely with this new. Vaccines were added by Harris administration and more on the ground communication will get their but it doesn't look like we're gonna meet. Goal item or July. Of the CDC estimates the delta Varian is now causing 10% of current infections in the US it's responsible for 90%. Of UK cases so how concerned should we be about that particularly as we here in the UK. It seems to be affecting the younger population more than previous variance. And as we all know because you marital young yesterday younger population are the ones are more likely to kind of get out there Wendy's are to reopen it go to those events those concerts. Ours Disneyland whatever and buried it easier to transmit from one person and others. The cause for concern in our son analogy you imagine NASCAR each U inspecting ourselves is she going to a whole. Don't agree to some more issues in a night in better screen examples. And so I do worry about those people out there who are not yet been vaccinated especially those who may have underlying conditions and eating his. But may have asthma type one diabetes obesity here particularly high risk. And we have these kind of pockets of vulnerability in a country that she was like mrs. cigarette tax machinery is China. To find out potential doesn't carry out. So the more of us who get vaccinated that that can. We have them help to protect. The younger people who aren't of age or those who have other conditions that would prevent them from getting. From getting vaccinated so how close are we to. Herd immunity does that still seem like an and and achievable goal. Reluctance in your lessons and and I and got a break at a quiet act. I think her community itself is kind of a moving target. Does not just in my opinion his nickname from public art experts and acts as disease. Experts you know worldwide. It's a moving target because he could change with city year and could change depending on the very but I think the cursing your product in question is really important. You know back in December January people were saying handymax needs for myself to protect myself but we have enough information Alice vaccinations and also prevents. Transmission of the virus protecting Aaron around I think he's yes these are 30 bad combination that natural immunity and an accident art immunity. Gonna keep bringing cases down but again scientists aren't sure how long that natural immunity gained coat and asked. Actually last this it is incredibly it was actually go out there and get shot if generating. All right doctor look at tells us great to have you thank you.

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{"duration":"6:11","description":"Plus, the CDC estimates the delta variant is causing 10% of U.S. cases but vaccine data shows promise.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"78290701","title":"Disneyland welcomes non-California residents as the state loosens restrictions ","url":"/Health/video/disneyland-welcomes-california-residents-state-loosens-restrictions-78290701"}