What dogs can do for your mental health

Human and animal behavioral researcher for Rover, Phil Tedeschi, discusses the impacts dogs have on mental health.
3:49 | 08/26/19

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Transcript for What dogs can do for your mental health
We already said it but I'm have to ask you guys have a dog get home if so then hopefully. You know today is international. Dog day we're celebrating all dogs all agreed. An honoring how they bring join our families keep us they exceed our lives. AM improve our mental health still ahead of today. I talk to fill today ASCII he's the executive director at the institute for human animal connection and there is a connections and take a look. We always called dogs are best friends but you've been doing research that proves that having an animal a dog can actually I'm help with your mental health. Yeah that's right we have a lot of information about many different health benefits that dogs can provide us in its. Really game changer in terms of how we understand or connection with our winner can now return animals. Where did the research again for study yes I know this is a topic that's been around for quite some time even going back to as early as. The 1960s. Where and a there that is certain to incorporated dog into their therapy sessions with children and found that day. Would participate even more effectively and talk more and unchanged in nature of that relationship and so on extensively united began to become a deal is studied. Now we sometimes cost human animal interaction. Studies or animal assisted intervention studies and eastern new areas. I have I'm have begun she become. Quite substantial in the area of human house and now new lobbying. Yeah I think it's and especially important now we've seen this spate of mass shootings and down we've done segments before we talked about the therapy dogs but how do how did dogs actually help people cope in these these tragic situations. Well you know that's a great question need the Internet and it's starting to occur more and more and I think we wanted to dimensions and that is the nature. How animals participate in the lives of persons who have been hurt more harmed by other people. So when they need and in many cases I would say the application and K nine assisted intervention. It's happening the most opt in now in settings where people have been hurt. By other people so we've seen. You know this occur not only in schools shootings and mass casualty Tyson circumstances but also. But dogs are being used extensively in trying to respond to persons are coming back. From combat and have experienced things like posttraumatic stress is a feature of their deployment. There's many different mechanism that we think are occurring in our interaction with dark effect on you know this they're tutored benefit. One of them is an interaction in the city dogs. How designer interpersonal mural biology. Literally changes brain function in situated day experience and how. An increase marks a truce a no brainer knocks it turns and there's been shown to be highly associated with a capacity. For optimism for trust and for connection. Or even a sense. Well being and it also those interactions reduce our stress. I'm chemistry relative to things like cortisol so we'll see people's blood pleasure pressure. Reduce their. I of their overall physiology. And on the end stress is reduced by these connections. That alone creates that rate opportunity for recovery from trauma. And then cared Wii news. Trauma response. The first stage of trauma recovery. Is usually getting control of your body and once you have control your body you can begin. Q process what's happened here so we believe that that's one of the primary ways that this is working.

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{"duration":"3:49","description":"Human and animal behavioral researcher for Rover, Phil Tedeschi, discusses the impacts dogs have on mental health.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"65198902","title":"What dogs can do for your mental health","url":"/Health/video/dogs-mental-health-65198902"}