Inside a Biocontainment Unit

Dr. Philip Smith explains how patients with infectious viruses like Ebola receive treatment.
2:05 | 08/02/14

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Transcript for Inside a Biocontainment Unit
So this is romantic you can feel there you can hear there so -- in normal hospital isolation room we might have ten. The twelve virtues for our -- place. When you're 25. And if you take these paper roll -- against the then you can have a patient and you could -- -- IV are examined them by using these gloves that are completely seal. I was a patient in there and there's no escape error -- here that the patient. X hails coaster a high efficiency filters wells -- like mini version. The whole isolation area and we have a lot of intensive education has special equipment to -- -- -- -- The fan blowing air into it. Got special. Suits him I think below -- -- lists what could possibly go wrong well there is still doing the very dangerous disease. And accidents happen patients -- unexpectedly believe there might -- Break in technique that might be something wrong with your equipment. So anybody that comes in here knows that they're taking a little bit -- risk. Which I think is one reason why were so proud of our staff. And the fact that they have volunteered to work for in this environment and irregular situation is that this is basic -- we haven't -- situation. -- wearing three pairs of gloves. And we would tape. We put tape down there who put tape around between me. You uniform and the gloves. Just to form an extra barrier and this would be -- -- Underneath the -- -- scores of -- by another. So you might imagine. Getting dressed like -- of multiple layers of tape. Duct tape on your feet and hands takes a long time. The pressure. Alarm here. Necessity to kick the door open for more than. That sense is that there's a leak -- break in and the first of all adults are all those -- for upfront with the nurses.

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{"id":24819644,"title":"Inside a Biocontainment Unit","duration":"2:05","description":"Dr. Philip Smith explains how patients with infectious viruses like Ebola receive treatment.","url":"/Health/video/ebola-outbreak-inside-biocontainment-unit-24819644","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}