Fighting for vaccine equity: Philly doctor outpaces city in vaccinating minorities

ABC News’ Linsey Davis reports on Dr. Ala Stanford and her push to ensure hard-hit Philadelphia neighborhoods receive access to the coronavirus vaccine.
9:24 | 03/02/21

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Transcript for Fighting for vaccine equity: Philly doctor outpaces city in vaccinating minorities
We our magnolia bar is better don't. Once again it's doctor gala Stanford to the rescue him. OK yeah yeah yeah. Thank you hear more of vaccination. Days is about dedication. I. Thousands of shots a day. Hiding a veteran mountaineer. Aren't bad doctor Sanford or her team are taking care pulling him forward to protect the most. Vulnerable fighting a chronic illness that's far more pervasive than Kobe this masked woman is battling social inequality and I am striving towards act would be. Because twenty years ago when I was in medical school be steamy inequities existent in Philadelphia blacks make up the majority of the population and the majority of the conflict and yet more than half for the people vaccinated are white animals talking about this and I'm you know certain. Just frankly rich folks kind of corny residents vaccine but no longer was doing community and the last being I was once well how can happen and it's for peoples and now com and GQ what we built we first met doctor Stanford last April after she became frustrated with the city's slow pace of Kobe testing especially in black and brown community. I just couldn't it. The part another town hall meeting or watch and other webinar. Are or talk about how releases this'll shall determine its assaults are. Not do any thing. In a span of 48 hours doctor Stanford of pediatric surgeon in private practice gathers some medical friends her husband at a rented van. And with the accent she had to tests and PP eat they hit the streets calling themselves a black doctors coded nineteen consortium. Philadelphians came out in droves. At the time they were lining up for tests just like they are now lining up for shops mom. Erie is mall ignored or left behind getting just the shot of hope they need. We're going without one could literally lose life forget yeah. On this day in the inside this North Philadelphia church doctor Stanford might as well be a pastor. She is ministering to her locked saving lives spreading the gospel of sorts to get people to delete. And as a medical professional we all those who curse you know mark reached Ian to treat the most vulnerable urged. Hundreds of people waiting in line to get the vaccine from someone they trust. For months she's had their backs so now they give hurt their arms and it's very little hesitation. I want to give us car that prop witnessed the governor and so for right now you just stoppage. You working your normal job and you are single handedly saving Philadelphia's six days a week for no payday. Yeah. I. I am not quite outlet pass and Tim make sure that the blackened route community of Philadelphia is vaccinated why. Because. It should happen because someone. Needs to do it. Because it's the right thing to do because in the eighties. Not equitable I want some scenes that he ends. Everyday we eat out here we are changing and that's the story I wanted to eat apart regardless. If I'm getting Peter not. Philadelphia the birthplace of America. But for all the fanfare it is also the poorest big city in America and like the rest of the country needs plagued by racial and economic disparities. Because we know people of color suffered the most from this. It has the most worst cases law and the worst outcomes and mayor Jim Kinney recognizes the need to men acknowledges this city has had some hiccups in its vaccine roll out we had a couple bumps in the road but we are doing really well now from. This city initially allocated vaccine doses to an organization called -- fighting Kobe. Helms by just 22 year old who was accused of giving shots to his friends. He says the doses were about to expire the city later cut ties and many people. Then pointed the finger at a 22 year old been essentially being in charge of this botched roll out and so reliant my question to you is. Who decided that was a good idea how did that end up happening. I was clearly that was clearly a mistake there was a history. A Philly fighting Kobe when he came to test they did a decent job there in the rearview mirror are and we're moving forward in a better way. So old I don't we wish that Italy by anchorman at there was element and I guess where this spiky. They're being in reputable. Group led by license. Position. That Asia's a not a physician led group. Young and not medical personnel. Because you weren't selected. Were you then tapping on the mayor's office or how did you start then getting the vaccines is are getting the word out. I simply said well why is it available to another group. His track record is not as prudent as ours. Is not available cyclist. Aren't. Yet the vaccine in black and brown communities. As a result the black doctors consortium began vaccinations more than two weeks ahead of schedule on January 16 Neal good fit that got. The consortium recently hosted a 24 hour clinic at Temple University where they were able to vaccinated roughly 4000. People. In a city that averages 3500 doses a day. Doctor Sanford the group that you created. Getting a few friends together in your husband and then a van and is now outpacing the city of Philadelphia in distributing vaccines. How are you doing that. It's because we know what it feels like happens Il that's not level. I'm to be treated unfairly. Or something you have no control over oftentimes your socio economic status in the color there's room. When people are dedicated and determined that there are gonna get this sat. Then we're going to conquer program thanks to a new found partnership with the city the consortium recently got a much needed boost. They started running a low able to get additional vaccines were left over to them. Any Andy it's a win win for everyone. Helping the city improving its slow but steady rollout. I need a doctor's staff promised every day she's fabulous she's she's high energy she's extremely intelligent thoughtful she's committed to. Not only the bracken black and brown communities she she's committed and leaking tire Philadelphia community. Her steadfast commitment can be measured in the number of rolled up sleeves. Trust in a community that's often said to distrust the vaccine it. Really unclear and mean what better everyone just assumes. Because. Oh. Untrustworthy medical system that people would not want to get it on that we have been cart. 72% of the philadelphians her group is vaccinated so far have been blacked nearly 80% black Latino or Asian. Some who really. We might start to see it did not and our numbers. But this is assassins want to eat. And we're acts and eating and Indiana between 400000. People a day. This stay in North Philadelphia was no exception hundred showed up at doctor Stanford's clinic. A mile away at a brand new city clinic no lines to crowds opting to wait here instead. An improvement Darren doesn't eat. While we're house. Citywide and nationwide there are questions about why white and more fluent people are getting the vaccine at higher rates Philadelphia is 42%. Black. But today just when he won percent of the shots in the city of brotherly love have gone to black people. The disparity and doctor Stanford's reaction to it is making front page news in Philadelphia. And I heard me you like you wake up near Obama front. Eerie thing is he. I don't. Feels a little weird. Little hearing. After all she's not in it to make news she just wants to make a difference. I'll see you for weeks after this OK OK I could speak to my team. Clinton did not just how and look look look them to set out to level of playing video and set out. Creating that we eat where there was. We're doing here. So the outcome is more important than me in town yeah because the heat. Are so filled up it means feelings. Every single day and with the grateful to you Stephanie yet from the community. Are you kidding him the Heisman for value. It's getting everything done from the beginning. She has come dad tell us access. Doctor Stanford continues to be such a blessing to that community more than 161000. Vaccinations. And county.

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{"duration":"9:24","description":"ABC News’ Linsey Davis reports on Dr. Ala Stanford and her push to ensure hard-hit Philadelphia neighborhoods receive access to the coronavirus vaccine.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"76193178","title":"Fighting for vaccine equity: Philly doctor outpaces city in vaccinating minorities","url":"/Health/video/fighting-vaccine-equity-philly-doctor-outpaces-city-vaccinating-76193178"}