Flu in Children: Emily Lastinger's Story

Each year, 100 children die of the flu; 20,000 are hospitalized.
1:58 | 11/28/12

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Transcript for Flu in Children: Emily Lastinger's Story
And -- was. Really energetic she was. Athletic attention to or Brothers that really pushed her to. Kind of wanna join the crowd -- love people you love school applicant many other girls should love playing dress up. And only. -- from a school a little bit more tired than usual -- she developed a fever later that night. We took -- this year pediatrician. And there she was diagnosed with the -- Over the weekend Saturday. -- seem to be much moral authority she was -- alive. And Monday morning we made an appointment the pediatrician for that early afternoon. About 11 o'clock honest answers -- my wife. Start screaming for help and it wasn't -- it. So we. Started CPR and called her. They took her to emergency room and the hospital they and gotten. Her heart started again. Doctor -- -- that we've done everything it can't we can't. Weaver anymore medication. The medication and it's sort of keeping our options there. Alive and that we could detect any brain activity and so they stop giving and giving medication. 9 o'clock -- I'm just gonna -- give -- What we. Want everybody to know instead. Influenza -- you can kill children learning from a us. Make sure that you do what -- you can do to protect your children from influence.

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{"id":17832079,"title":"Flu in Children: Emily Lastinger's Story","duration":"1:58","description":"Each year, 100 children die of the flu; 20,000 are hospitalized.","url":"/Health/video/flu-children-emily-lastingers-story-17832079","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}