Hannah Storm's Campaign for Children

The sports journalist is giving back beauty.
13:48 | 10/31/14

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Transcript for Hannah Storm's Campaign for Children
He has been anchor in a war winning sportscaster Hannah Storm has interviewed many of the greatest names in sports because of our outstanding work. She is recognize around the world and she is now usenet celebrity platform for another great cause. Teaming up with a nonprofit caring for kids awareness campaign of the plastic surgery foundation. And we are delighted to have Hannah Storm who was of course part of the ABC family thank you much for joining us. I can't believe that you are sitting here interviewing me after all the time I heard it did. I know that the they'll be on there you're very resurgence of the lawyers thought that the tables or turn truth be told I have never once ever stunk to you because you're one of the greats of all time I'm really. Knees and honored to be interviewed by you hare her ABC news has very call we'll. Thank you so much for joining us and I know this campaign has been. Very dear and close to your heart you know your own personal experience with it as well. I was born with something called a port wines to and it looks like somebody took that glass of red wine and just threw it on your face I don't know if you've ever seen Jay people like almost like half their face. It was dark red that will mind was right here and so it left my parents. Totally bewildered what do we do hamper her baby's got this. Big thing on her face and over her eyes had during the years starting in grade school through high school had all these surgeries. On doctors tried actually cut it out and stitch live the skin back together. On the tattooed it flesh color believe it or not that did not work out it sounds bizarre it was and it worked out all. Ifill of a little bit on it left and I had these laser surgeries that left to third degree burns. Under my highest so it was traumatic. I commend my parents for trying to figure out what to do. We had the funds in the ability to try different surgeries. But you know fast forward to today. There are so many more advances in medicine and you have parents who are equally as being welder who are. Absolutely guided because their child is born with some kind of deformity or disfigurement and they don't know what to do or where to turn. And that's what this caring for kids campaign is all about how you guys bring more awareness about what we're doing is. The American association of plastic surgeons has a whole group of the surgeon to specialize in pediatrics and specialize in different areas of plastic surgery and we're told him everything from Clough flipped palate to vascular anomalies to really really serious in two rooms. That affects kids' abilities to eat or see or hear we knew we really bad stuff and Andy. They look to form they don't look like everybody else. And he surgeons have agreed to two surgeries on the weekends was normally be their off day right they have their own families. So they're coming in on weekends are partnering up with hospitals might have surgeries scheduled on the weekend a lot of hospitals that kinda light. And they're referring surgeries for free so that's what we're putting together families and kids. In need because he searchers are super expensive they're not covered by insurance. With the plastic surgeons were willing to do the surgeries for frees its prequel. That's really cool isn't yeah. How important how imperative is it to get to these kids at a early stage oh my gosh it's so I'm really glad you brought that up consent so critical because kids for one they're able he'll easier they have you know although it's great colleges and there's scan and they're able to you know we generate and heed the healing powers of a little child and even a BB ER at their premium you know we lose some of that as we get older. But the other thing is if you could say the child from going through years. Things like I went through which is. Stairs and embarrassment and insensitive comments Donnelly to the child but also of the parents you know I mean. Who hit you what's wrong with your face what happened he wanted to leave it can outlets on. You know and they got burned in a wooded what did you do to your child to me and it's. The stories are really tough not just for the kids that for the family and generals have you can say that in years of that head to there's all that psychological. And emotional. Implications of being born. Now looking like everybody else. That you could. Hopefully just put it you know you're you're a sports guy rates you put a kid at the same starting line is everybody ulcer or somewhere close to it. You know if you can do that earlier you can get to the tile the matter. When your grown up obviously dealing with all that when I see you now you're so confident I want all the time TV. We have great confidence about you how did you get to a point where you had that confidence how'd you develop that. I think that parents are really imperative in that area I think that you know I was born with a disfiguring birthmark other people are born with other. Things. That make them different. From other kids of my parents were always like you should follow. Your dreams and and what parents and kids reports birth works always tell them and this might sound corny but they always say that's an Angel can steal my mom's that that. Angel got you right there under the that's where she kissed you seniors passed all. And the fact that my parents tried so hard and listen I didn't wanna go through the surgeries mostly to -- live with this saying. The searchers are so horrible. But the fact that when parents cared so much and they put so much time and effort into. Trying to have me not have any kind of set back. That I think love right there gave me and an inner confidence and also. Really. Look at the profession I went into right there in the public eye and so low so that. That you know I think knowing that your love delight that and knowing that your parents believe in you and they're trying their best to to help you put your best step forward and makes you want to. Kind of step up to the plate. And say yes I'm gonna do my best and beyond to make everything I can out of my life. And so I think it was it was it was that simple it was it was my parents. Speaking of parents are there any preventative measures that parents could potentially take into it. Maybe help with some innings and. You know there are because we knew it when you take a baby when they're born in you take them to the pediatrician and depending on where you live. On that pediatrician might not really know. All the different conditions and things that are out there the pediatrician might see a birthmark and say oh that's going to go away or this is something that the topple outgrow. When really maybe it is something that you would benefit from taking care of right away so it's really impaired and has a parent you have that gut instinct just listened to that. And get your child to see a specialist. So there are a lot of cases. We're children are born to be really should seed specialists plastic pediatric plastic surgeon someone who. Who really knows what they're doing some really listen to them with some tiger had something feels a little the tall looks a little off. Definitely pursue it get on the Internet see a doctor. And really make sure that you find out what treatments are available out there and whether or not your child really would benefit from heaven at a young disheartening to think about right. You have a baby and you put it right back. Into surgery that's it's a really tough thing to rack your brain around that sometimes it really is for the past how do you guys get more information out there. So how he can go to plastic surgery foundation has a great website DE PSF dot or the need to search caring for kids. Hannah Storm foundation dot org. We'll get you there to. The Specter of what the plastic surgery foundation deals with. I deal with vascular anomalies and birthmarks that my foundation they deal with everything you deal with. Everything from burns and reconstructive surgery to the cleft palates to the rare syndrome so double whole. Kit income poodles some of the surgeries mean teams of doctors they need multiple surgeries but they're right there for you insurance. Does not paying for a lot of no that's like shocking I can see your expression. That says plastic surgery. That there's such a misconception about what plastic surgery is and what it can do when it can do for lives so when it does for serious medical conditions. That a lot of time to searchers have just turned down on him. And that's because some of the insurance coding language isn't there the CPT codes and it's just this. Incredible bias about the plastic surgeries to have kids who are not going in for cosmetics. They're going in for life altering. Procedures. And they're not getting insured and to dots where. You these dollars don't go to actual surgeries because the surgeons are donating their but the dollars committed to freedom basic hospital costs getting the feeling there to enter the feeling of transportation. And supporting. How difficult is it to be a female broadcaster essentially in the sports world witches. The boy's world balloon little. I think it's Ben challenging I'm through the years there have been you know different people that I think have preconceived notions. About what you can and can too because your woman I think that there in the past more so than now. There was a sentiment that this was. Sort of a bastion of male superiority of its ports was somehow secret language or something that only men can understand and appreciate when really. Sports is for everybody. I was lucky to grow up in a sports household because that was my father's business news on the business side. Of sports teams back annual NBA days and so I felt like sports was fur while family for me my Brothers. No not everybody was fortunate to broke with those kinds of attitudes and sports is so critical for corals. Just to participate in sports so. Huge for their body image and their self esteem and in so many ways and it just kinda breaks my heart that there. Are still people out there that feel somehow this isn't a realm where women and young girls should be involved in the consists. It's for everybody if you think about universally across the world what's that is one thing that we in the comment as a planet. Is our love of sports our love of our teens. And it's such a bridge builder and so to me anything that's exclusionary. And sports. Is this particularly heartbreaking because something everyone can love and enjoy did you feel your margin of error was slimmer than poor guy definitely because I know was that you know when I first started off especially the microscope was there and you felt like you couldn't make a mistake. Where you really get screwed up is when you. You put a lot of pressure on yourself to be perfect and where you really really get screwed up was when you go out and try to prove how much you now. There's really no need to do that if you're prepared. And knowledgeable and able quiet confidence that's going to come through and in today's age and Twitter and with all the social media out there you've got to be very very careful to. I'll understand. Where that's coming from and not take those kinds of things to heart you gotta have a tough skin and be self confidence and understand all of that. Criticism is coming as is most criticism in life until young girls this to my daughter's it's coming from a bad place that's coming from someone isn't a bad place. Com know where that they're jealous or insecure whatever their issues are. On and you can't take that comment. Of criticism to heart so you have to be. Really careful to be prepared and to do your best and to understand that that's enough and that's good enough and no one's perfect. And Nolan has the answers and try not to put attendant pressure on yourself more than. If you were sitting down with an eight year old little girl willow who was so passionate about right come in the broadcast room. What kind of advice would you give the to your homework. He's yeah. Albert you know I always over prepare for everything and people think it's funny but I. I don't know any other way and when I go into his situation. A lot of sports is live. I always feel confident because I know that I over prepared so I'm ready for air when everything falls apart and and things go wild and things happen that you don't expect at least your prepare for it and you know when you walked in knowing that. You did her homework and that you're ready to do your best and you might screw up and it might not be your greatest broadcast that Jiang and who knows but at least you're not gonna go about with any regrets and say wow I really walked into that. On prepare the leash you're giving yourself a leg up going to write the violence. Hello. Confidence and trust me yours make you inspire me be better to so lots and I just wanna say it for you because they did this a few years ago I went from sports and news or to CBS news for numbered years and I think it's really important and I really admire what you're doing. Really pushing your boundaries going from an athlete going in to be a sports Caster and working in news and it is important. To think beyond sort of boundaries and and and little pigeon holes of people what you and you ask about being a female broadcaster and I think it's important to not let yourself be limited by what other people expect you to do so here great example of that as well. Thank you so much hope we got to be in this business moral view. I. Hit it to. Tell it. I don't not an album are. Aren't we appreciate it if you had a storm everybody so great having thank you for being here. And makes you check out the plastic surgery foundation and is a big support room.

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