Health Alert: Bottled Water Recalled Over E. Coli Concerns

Niagara Bottling voluntarily recalls 14 brands of bottled spring water produced at 2 Pennsylvania plants.
7:17 | 06/23/15

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Transcript for Health Alert: Bottled Water Recalled Over E. Coli Concerns
A consumer health alert don't twist off the cap on your bottled water and we make sure it is not being recalled. Now have a bottling says one of its springs meat have been contaminated with E. Coli so they are voluntarily recalling fourteen brands of bottled water distributed. 211 states from Maine to North Carolina. Two Ohio. Hi everyone I'm Caroline could fellow in New York the recalled products were produced it hampers to Pennsylvania plant between June 10 and June 18. The best buy co Eds begin with the letter asked for the letter a and have an expiration date of December 2016. And here is a list of the brands being recalled may include Katie 7-Eleven nature's place price point shop right. Western beef blue. And wake me let's bring in ABC's chief health and medical editor doctor Richard bastard aftermath thank you for being here with us. In Niagara bottling says that there are positive indications of E. Coli it one of its spring sources what does this mean. Well the you know when you when you look it bottled water and how it's it's handled the Food and Drug Administration. Requires that they companies who are making bottled water putting out there that they monitor it to make sure it's not contaminated with bacteria that could be harmful. And so that company monitors this spring weather work comes from they monitor they test the bottles before they go out. Just to make sure that there's no bacteria and it's one of several tests that they have to do. What they're saying is that one of this spring's that they got water from tested positive for E. Coli. Which means that that spring is contaminated with either. Animal waste or sewage and the company said look we don't care where there are treatment got rid of that you know we want to make sure that people are absolutely safe and were recalling that. Water okay. There are lots of different types of E. Coli bacteria. How many of them are actually dangerous how many of these strange actually dangers to human. Well most of them are harmless but it's an easy organism to monitor water supply sport grows very easily. And so what shall see as as they look for contamination is. They'll they'll played out samples of that water and on Uygur plates in the EPE coli grows it means is it's contaminated. What people are used to hearing about with recalls are when people gotten sick. And when you think that he call light that's gotten people sick from water. It's offensively called E. Coli 01578. It's is seen E. Coli that caused outbreaks in hamburgers. It's it's the one that we really worry about because he he just a couple of those organisms. Can make you sick and what happens with water is if you have water that's been being taken from a well are supplied its new year a place for the raising cows. You get run off into the water supply contaminate. People NC but this is very different this was from monitoring they found the water rescued him. And it's to no one's gotten sick. We don't know walk kind E. Coli bacteria and it is. But if someone does in jest water with a dangerous. Strand of E. Coli bacteria. How sick and they get. Well you know it depends on the type of equalize those the one we worry about them most is this a 15787. That that would causes a stomach upset. It but we can also affect your kidneys and can cause kidney so it's one of the ones that we very very worried about. Most E. Coli you know if they're gonna make you ill will give view it as stomach bug allowed travelers' diarrhea is front E. Coli. But but thankfully. No one has gotten sick with this this is what you wanna see we're monitoring is done you hope that they picked up before they ship the bottles out. In this case you know we don't know witty they got the results from the spring testing too late for that but usually what will happen is as part of their quality control the company will find there's a contaminant. And it will not send the supplies out in the looked to see what's wrong with the process. Now at this point that we call this water and then not take water from disparate source. Exactly until they figure out what went on and and can take a lie detective work to see. Why is that spring positive it was if it was an avenue never posit before. After big storms you can often see water supplies get get. Into trouble because you run off of animal waste. With routes you'll often see that as well where we're worry it's cuts tree down and you're not seeing the kind of movement through streams and things that you may have seen before it. They're protected wars. OK so let's talk about tap water a lot of people may not know it but need the the standards. Required for public utilities for the purification process is much hot air for for tap water soar people. Better off just drinking apple and yet I. Think cell I drink tap water you know the the Environmental Protection Agency EPA is in charge of making sure tackler safe. And if you live in a large municipality you can go online and be required. To tell you to show you all the results of their testing. And then be required to test for not just or prevent teary about all kinds of chemicals and and minerals and other things in that water so you can see it. Company said that without bottled water they're required to make sure that there's no bacteria contamination but they're not required to share the same kind of information. So I am and much more comfortable drinking tap water. You know if you tap order doesn't taste great you can you can use a filter and they didn't taste tested member years ago in Central Park. Bottled water vs New York City tap water and New York City tap water. A one out people like the flavor flavor batter as it filtered. No no is it was straight here tat. Wow yeah incredible and they also don't really know the source of. The water that goes into all these different brands of bottled well live that two leading brands. Bottled water is sunny and Fina. Art bottled up there. Right there tap water through. So you know. The marketing around them around water's pretty incredibly beautiful pictures of sprees in mountain men and melting snow. Little lot of what's your pain for that bottle is. Is tap water and the environmental impact all that plastic is is that and not to mention that to me that three Q right what are sitting in the exactly. Caron of medals one if and networks well now this person has water that you know that the criteria should they send it back to the combination ain't just throw it away well you immediately return to supermarket guided not just one report. I would drink it. Because it is this morning you can view ports and that people should be too alarmed at this now no one's got sick from this. Hopefully the you know no one will but it. You know this is which one SE deal was the alerts out there hope people will people want more. OK doctor Richard Bassett thank you so much I appreciate it. I you can keep up with the story in real time by downloading the ABC news at and storing the story for exclusive updates on the go. I'm Caroline Costello in New York.

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{"duration":"7:17","description":"Niagara Bottling voluntarily recalls 14 brands of bottled spring water produced at 2 Pennsylvania plants.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"31974306","title":"Health Alert: Bottled Water Recalled Over E. Coli Concerns","url":"/Health/video/health-alert-bottled-water-recalled-coli-concerns-31974306"}