Health care coverage in the coronavirus pandemic

Study finds millions of Americans lost health coverage due to mass job losses.
1:37 | 07/14/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Health care coverage in the coronavirus pandemic
We'll turn now to ABC's Kyra Phillips in Washington with the latest headlines. Good afternoon, Kyra. We begin with the heartbreaking headline about healthcare coverage in the coronavirus pandemic. Now, "The New York Times" reporting a new study from families usa that now finds more than 5.4 million Americans lost health coverage between February and may because of mass job losses. The nonpartisan advocacy group says that's a record in a single year. And new travel plans in effect today for visitors to new York state, governor Andrew Cuomo said enforcement teams will be at airports and port authority checking to make sure traveler forms have been filled out. Travelers by air and land who don't fill out that form face thousands of fines. New Jersey governor Phil Murphy telling "Gma" said his state is quote, deadly serious about containing contamination with self-quarantining and those testing coming from hot spots. And voters in three states heading to the polls today as we monitor statewide primary runoffs in Alabama and Texas, with Maine holding primary contests and Amy, as you know all three of these states are sites of some of the most competitive house and senate races. I always say it's important to get out and vote. The next few months are really going to be busy for all of us. Pretty interesting, too, here in D.C. And around the country. A fascinating couple of months. Interesting is one way to put it, Kyra. Yes, get out the vote.

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{"duration":"1:37","description":"Study finds millions of Americans lost health coverage due to mass job losses.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"71780352","title":"Health care coverage in the coronavirus pandemic","url":"/Health/video/health-care-coverage-coronavirus-pandemic-71780352"}